BlankThe Dark Swordsman
Actual name Unknown
Gender Male
Status Alive
Friends None
Enemies All
Job Killer
Age Unknown
Weapons Ancient Mummy Sword
Aliases The Dark Swordmaster
Voice Actor He has none, his lines are only on screen

??? is one of those creepy people. We don't what's his deal, why he is murdering everyone. What we do know that, he doesn't have a name, he has even more strength than Saigron and can endure anything, so stop saying "Kill on target". He only have one friend and that is the item that holds everything, The Sword of Beginnings. He does have a face. but if he takes his robes off, your probably dead.


This is the only events that data shows. No other information available.

  • ??? BC ??? was born.
  • 1259 ??? was found, only a book remains of the incident.
  • 1770's ??? kills an whole colony, first bounty is placed on him, 372,982 (in today's USD).
  • 1899 ???'s home is found, with nothing than 142 bodies, bounty is raised, to a large 213,526,234 (today's USD)
  • 1945-1962 ??? spotted somewhere in the Rocky Mountains, heading westward.
  • 2000-present more spotting are spreading quickly.

???'s current bounty. This makes him more infamous than other killers.

APX vs06:05

APX vs. Project 46 - Words (Instrumental Mix)


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