A Day With Spark
A Day with Spark
Oh, thank you.
Air date 2-15-14
Written by AndrewBrauer, Mdkid663, & YoshiRocker13
Directed by AndrewBrauer & Mdkid663
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 See what a normal day for Spark is like with some of his friends around him.



(Alice is walking to the Golden Lotus Dragon)

Alice: Wonder what the GLD is like?

(Alice walks inside the Golden Lotus Dragon only to be grabbed by a ninja as more came)

Alice: (Surprised) What are you doing?

Ninja One: (Yells) Quiet!

Alice; Why?

Ninja Two: You No Kung-Fu winner!

Alice: Seriously what are you talking about?

(Ninja One kicks Alice's stomach, she coughs for a second)

Alice: (In Pain) Was that necessary!?

(A blur of speed came through Ninja One as he slowly splits in half)

Ninja Two: (Shocked) What was that?

Alice: You tell me, I don't.

Ninja Two: Quiet Blue girl!

(Blur of speed appear again as Ninja Two gets sliced in pieces)

Alice: Wait, do I know you?

(A yellow stick figure appears away from Alice with spiky hair)

Alice: Whoever it was, thanks.

(The figure turns to Alice revealing to be Spark)

Spark: Your welcome.

Alice: (Blushes) Oh wow.

Spark: What? Is there something in my face?

(Spark was holding a katana)

Alice: (Surprised) Whoa! It's nothing I think the ninjas are dead.

Spark: So uh, what's your name?

Alice: It's Alice, I'm friends with Michael and Thomas, I use to sleep with Simon, you know what I'm talking too much, but you visited our club.

Spark: Oh yeah, right.

(Spark sees the ninja still alive)

Spark: Really? (kills the last ninja)

Alice: So again, thanks.

(Michael shows up)

Michael: Hey Alice I heard you were coming here from Simon and you may be in danger?

Alice: I'm fine Spark came and killed everyone.

Spark: Yep, that was me.

Michael: Awesome! Is this what you do all the time?

Spark: Yeah, pretty much.

Michael: Well, work doesn't start until six, so can I come along on you're day.

Alice: Hold on, if you're coming I wanna come too.

Michael: Fine. We both want to come.

Spark: Alright, alright.

(Spark, Michael and Alice are at the apartment)

Spark: I mostly play Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

Michael: (Picks up a guitar) Man, the last time I played with this, it was in College, Senior Year, me and Simon dominated the frat house.

Alice: I use to play, until I realized I haven't been outside in almost a month just from playing that.

Spark: Let me start this. (turns on the console)

Michael: Alright, let's dual rock! (Throws his fist in the air)

(Spark and Michael are about to pick a song)

Michael: What do you usually pick?

Spark: The Japanese ones.

Michael: Don't know any.

Spark: How about this one?

(Spark picks Counter Identity by Unison Square Garden)

Michael: Wait a minute, I think I know that one?

Alice: How?

Michael: I lost in the semi finals to that song.

Alice: Well this should be a stroll in memory lane for you.

Spark: I can deal with this one.

Michael: Let's do it.

(Spark and Michael selects the song)

Michael: Man, this is bringing back some fun memories.

(Spark and Michael are about to play the song)

Michael: (While using guitar) So anything else you do with your day?

Spark: Well I like to play DDR.

(Spark gets all the notes without even trying)

Michael: (Hits the notes perfectly) DDR?

Alice: What's that?

Spark: Well, Dance Dance Revolution.

Alice: Oh, I know that, when I was teenager me and my friends played that, but I stopped when I was introduced to Guitar Hero.

Spark: Well you should play it more often.

Alice: Well I grew out of that phase.

Michael: (Continues to hit perfect notes) What phase?

Alice: I was a teenager, it's like when you're eight and you watch cartoons constantly and eat cookies nonstop.

Michael: Some people don't grow out of that phase.

Alice: Those kind of people are forty years old who still live at their mom's house or they're Fifi, minus the cartoons, just the cookies.

Spark: WAIT! Shouldn't Fifi appear right now!?

Michael: (Misses a note) Shit!

Alice: Don't worry Wolf isn't here so we're alright.

Spark: Oh, I know him.

Michael: Who doesn't, have you seen the news?

Spark: The news of Wolf murdering again? Yeah, I did.

Alice: You don't have to see the news to know him, one time I saw him kill a waiter for mistaking his order, all he ordered was Nachos.

Michael: (Gets back to perfecting his notes) That guy has serious issues.

Spark: You think? You don't even wanna see him in Primal Rage Mode.

Michael: He almost did to Simon on the highway one time, but all Wolf did was bruise his eyes.

Alice: Next time, he probably won't hold back.

Spark: Yeah, I kinda have a friend who has a mode just like that but his appearance changes.

Michael: That's odd.

Alice: Kinda sounds cool.

(Loud punching sounds are heard)

Alice: What was that!?

Michael: Sounds like someone is coming in here!

(Simon went through the wall all beaten up, his arms broken, eyes bruised with blood leaking out and almost barely alive)

Alice & Michael: (Shocked) Oh my god!

Simon: (In Pain) Uhhhhhh!!!!!

Michael: What happened to him?

Alice: Was it Wolf?

(Ryle comes and grabs Simon)

Michael: Who's that?

Spark: Ryle, the friend I was talking about.

Alice: Simon what did you do?

Simon: (Coughing and in pain) Nothing.

Ryle: (punches Simon repeatedly) Don't. Mess. With. Me.

Michael: I'm guessing what Simon said was bullshit.

Alice: Looks like it.

Simon: (In pain) It was nothing.

(Eleven watches them through a wall unnoticed)

Eleven: ....?

Alice: (Suddenly feels a breeze) Oh wow, I just got a feeling that someone is watching us.

Michael: That's weird.

(Eleven hides right before they notice him)

Eleven: ….!

Simon: (Yells) Holy Shit!

(Everyone in the room notices Eleven)

Eleven: .........….

Alice: What does it want?

(Eleven spews out a custom UMP45)

Michael: (Surprised) Quick get down!

(Michael grabs Alice and gets down on the floor)

(Eleven shoots but Spark deflects the bullet with a katana rapidly)

Simon: That shit is bitchn'!

(Eleven hears Simon and shoots him in the leg)

Simon: (In Pain) Fuck, I can't even walk straight now!

Michael: (To Spark) Is this normal for you?

Spark: No, not really!

Alice: How do you handle a situation like this?

Spark: Beats me!

Simon: We're fucked!

Michael: We gotta get out of here!

(Eleven stops shooting and sees Stacy below)

Eleven: ...…

Michael: Do you think it wants Stacy?

Alice: Maybe.

Simon: Anything to get this done with!

(Meanwhile with Eleven and Stacy)

Eleven: .....?

Stacy: (Drunk) What kind of animal are you, you could be my new puppy.

Eleven: (looks at Stacy) ….

Stacy: (Drunk) You're weird, weirdo who looks like a pet. (Burps on his face)

(Eleven wipes away the burp)

Stacy: Okay, what are you gonna do now?

(Eleven whispers to Stacy about having sex)

Stacy: (Yells) Of course I wanna fuck why didn't you say so c'mon!

(Stacy grabs Eleven's arm and leaves)

Michael: Well that took care of our problem.

Spark: Yeah…..

Simon: (Yells) Hello what about me! I can barely move!

Alice: Oh yeah, we better get you to the hospital.

Simon: No shit! I'm dying over here!

(Eleven teleports back and regenerates Simon)

Simon: What the…

Michael: He just cured all his broken bones, cuts, and everything.

(Eleven teleports back to Stacy in which they were in the middle of a sex position)

Stacy: We gonna continue or what?

(Cuts back to Simon, Alice, Michael, and Spark walking outside)

Michael: Is that usually considered a normal day for you?

Spark: Sometimes.

Simon: And what would borderline on just being insane?

Spark: Both.

Simon: Anyways, Ryle just came in at the wrong place at wrong time when he beat the shit out of me.

Alice: You mean you were in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Simon: Shut up.

Michael: (To Spark) So what do you do when everything in you're apartment has been destroyed?

Spark: I visit the Raccoon.

Simon, Alice, and Michael: Raccoon?

(Cuts to Ancient Secrets 'N' Things)

Spark: Konichiwa Raccoon-sama.

Raccoon: Greetings-a Spark-san.

Simon: (Whispers) Why does he talk like that?

Michael: (Whispers) He's from another country, what do you think?

Spark: So Raccoon-sama, how's your sushi bar going?

Raccoon: (groans) Rousy, No Sushi-a to be sold in-a week.

Spark: Oh, that's a shame.

Simon: You guys eat sushi?

Spark: Yeah, It's from Japan.

Michael: I thought Asian's ate that stuff.

Alice: No, the asians eat the chicken.

Simon: I thought Koreans ate that too, or was it noodles?

(Jess walks in the restaurant)

Raccoon: Roh! A customer! (clears throat) Greetings-a young one, may I interest you in anything.

Jess: Do you sell any Sushi? I'm feeling hungry.

Raccoon: Of course, I'rr get it ready in a moment-a (walks in his kitchen)

Spark: Hey Jess.

Jess: Oh hey Spark, (looks around him) Who are they?

Simon: We're friends of your boyfriend.

Michael: Dude, how do you know that's his girlfriend?

Simon: A chick that hot wouldn't approach Spark just by saying Hi, she probably would ignore him.

Alice: Okay, I think you're going into jackass mode.

Shawn: (able to hear him) Simon!

Jess: (folds her arms at Simon) What is your problem!?

Alice: Sorry, I know how you feel, I use to go out with him, here's a tip…

Simon: (Interrupts and answers Alice's question) Don't bother with him, yeah I can hear you.

Michael: (To Spark) Bet you kinda wish Ryle finished him back at your place?

(Spark rolls his eyes and can't help but become angry at Simon for acting like a jackass, Damon also hears this and shoots Simon in both the legs)

Simon: (In Pain) What the fuck!?

Damon: YOU were being a total jackass.

Michael: Anyways, you guys just met Simon, I'm Michael and this is Alice, we all work at Ball Busters, it's a nightclub downtown.

Damon: Okay....

Shawn: That's nice.

Alice: You know, usually I'm the one to make the awkward moments, but I think this whole situation is already weird as it is.

Simon: No shit!

Raccoon: Excuse me miss? Your sushi is-a ready. That'rr be 10 Dorrars.

(Jess hands Raccoon her $10 and goes to eat at a table)

Damon: (to Simon) Dude, shut up. (shoots him again)

Shawn: This guy can act like a jackass.

Damon: Well he's going to an incinerated jackass if he keeps it up.

Michael: So Spark, how do you know all these people?

Spark: I just do Michael.

Alice: Well, I think we better go, right Michael?

Michael: Uhhhh, sure.

(Alice and Michael pick up Simon and put his arms on each others shoulders)

Spark: (waves) Hope to see you again!

Simon, Alice, & Michael: Bye!

(They leave Ancient Secrets 'N' Things)

Jess: Those were some nice people, except that dark redish one.

Spark: You mean Ryle.

Jess: I meant the one with the glasses! The one being a jackass.

Spark: Oh yeah him, I don't even like him at all.

The End

(Meanwhile with Eleven and Stacy after sex)

Stacy: That was interesting.


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