A Day with Fifi
A Day with Fifi
Air date May 2013
Written by YoshiRocker13, Alpha-Lonewolf
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 Bruce is about to go on a guy's night with his mates but can he after Fifi spent the day with him?



(Shows Bruce sleeping on his hammock on the streets)

Bruce: (relaxing) Aah. Tonight is gonna be awesome. I'm gonna do bros. night with my mates!

(Suddenly a box of cookies is thrown near Bruce)

Bruce: What the?

Fifi: COOKIES!!! (eats the entire box)

Bruce: Oh shit. Not her

Fifi: Sticky head man! (spits out crumbs at Bruce's face as she talks)

Bruce: (wipes crumbs off his face and a little angry) Listen girl I would love to hang out with you but I'm kinda busy right now so please leave. Oh and these sticks ARE my hair!

Fifi: Okay Chewbaca the Wookie. (starts skipping around Bruce humming the "C is for Cookie" song)

Bruce: (In his head and smiles a bit) Aah. I always used to like that song.

Fifi: (Bruce can hear Fifi's Voice in his head) Hey I can hear your head talk! ECHO! ECHO! THIS IS THE SONG THAT NEVER ENDS... (continues singing in Bruce's head)

Bruce: (amazed) How does she do that?

(Fifi starts going through Bruce's pockets)

Bruce: (notices) WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?

Fifi: Looking for cookies. (reaches inside pants) Hey you have a twinky like Snake does. (starts pulling and twisting)

Bruce: PUT THAT BACK!!! If you want a cookie then all you had to do was ask! (throws a cookie next to one of Bruce's friends)

Street Gang Member: What the? (picks up the cookie)

Fifi: (sits on his head and snatches the cookie bag) I'm a vulture, HEE-HAW! (eats cookies)

Bruce: (starts laughing)

Street Gang Member: Bruce! How could you!?

Bruce: Hey you know how I am.

Street Gang Member: Grrr!

(A fight soon breaks out and Fifi watches with a bag of cookies)

Fifi: (sings) Swing your fist in a doesy-doh, who you'll hit? I don't know. (munches on more cookies) I like frog asteriods.

(The fight stops and The Street Gang Member gets angry)

Street Gang Member: Bruce! You can count me out of this bros night!

Bruce: Fine! I don't need you!

(Street Gang Member then hits Fifi)

Street Gang Member: That's for the stupidness you caused me!

Fifi: (Begins to cry) Why? Why did that happen? I can't believe it. I'venever felt so sad in my life!

Bruce: (runs up to Fifi) Oh my god! Are you alright? (rubs Fifi's eyes with a tissue)

Fifi: (still cries) The pain hurts too much. I want to die!

Bruce: Don't say that! You'll be alright. How about a cookie? (pulls out a cookie and gives it to Fifi)

Fifi: (picks up a crumb off the floor and sobbing) I dropped a cookie crumb and now I'll never be happy again.  (shows cookie crumb to Bruce) Save my crumb.

Bruce: Wait..... (angry) ALL THIS TIME YOU WERE CRYING OVER A COOKIE CRUMB!!?? (suddenly sees Fifi's sad face)

Bruce: (joking) Listen kid. I'm afraid I can't save your crumb. I'm sorry.

Fifi: (cries more) THE WORLD HAS ENDED!

Bruce: (suddenly starts to cry) Why can't I just cheer you up!? (cries)

Fifi: (suddenly stops crying) Your eyes are peeing.

Bruce: (stops crying) Well at least you're no longer upset. (puts his hand on Fifi's shoulder) Don't worry. Your crumb is in a better place right now. (Fifi smiles and Bruce smiles back)

(FifI pulls a cookie from behind her and puts it in Bruce's mouth)

Bruce: Where did you get that cookie? Not from your skirt I hope.

Fifi: Actually I took it from that hobo's pants over there.

Bruce: (spits out cookie) WHY I OUGHTA!!! (sees Fifi happy) You know. You're really not so bad once I get used to you. (evilly smiles) Ya know. You could be quite useful.

(Scene cuts to Rapper & Wolf in a bar)

Rapper: I hope those cookies got rid of Fifi.

Wolf: It better. If she comes back, I'm going to tie her to a drag racer car and laugh.

(Fifi arrives)


Rapper: NOOOO!!!!

Wolf: Oh come on! Alright I'm gonna do it.

(shows Bruce laughing behind the corner)

Bruce: Ya know. She's not so bad after all.

-Episode Ends-

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