A Day with Lord Tourettes
Season 2, Episode 2
14. A Day with Lord Tourettes2
Air date 7/9/13
Directed by IONIXMUSIC
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Coffee Time
What if you were Lord Tourettes for a day? Man, that would suck.



Lord Tourettes: Oh hello FUCKERS! I'm was just eating a SHITTY tuna sandwich when you just GODDAMN walked in!

Lord Tourettes: Oh, you want to know how I FUCKING live my normal life? Well, aren't you a SHITMOUTH! Haha! Well, my day started with my usual trip down to the grocery! I was just FUCKING looking at a nice loaf of bread. When...

(Flashback to 2 hours ago...)

LT: Oooh! This is a nice, fluffy loaf of bread!

Red: Tourettes!

LT: Oh, Red! What in the FUCK do you want?

Red: I was just wonderin' if you to prank Bluuuuuue?

LT: Haha! That would be fan-FUCKING-tastic!

Red: First, we need some butter!

LT: Butter?

Red: Yeah, to lube 'em up!

(Tourettes grabs some butter of a shelf.)

LT: Ah, yes. Lube. Good memories.

Red: Now, we're gonna need some tissues!

(They walk down some aisles until the get to the tissues.)

LT: Here we go! It's GODDAMN 3-ply!

Red: Sweet, that's all we need.

Oboes: Hi Red!

Red: Sup, chesty-face?

Oboes: Don't call me that.

Red: Hey Bi, can you help us with a prank?

Oboes: Against who?

LT: Blue!

Oboes: Sure. Why not.

Red: Then lets get out of here!

(They blast off and break through the roof of the grocery store. Then, they arrive at the apartment.)

Red: Hey Bluuuuuuuuuuuuue!

Blue: Wha-

(Lord Tourettes tears off Blue's pants. Lord Tourettes then puts the tissues on a table. Then Bi proceeds to give a handjob to Blue with the butter.)


Oboes: Oh yeah, you like this? I bet you do!

Blue: Aah! Stop!

Oboes: Ungh! Yell louder!

(Blue climaxes.)

Blue: That...was horrible. What the fuck was that Red?

Tourettes: Hold on, let me wipe off your COCK!

Blue: No! Don't even get near my dick!

Oboes: Well. I think that went pretty good.

(Tourettes suddenly wipes tissue on Blue's dick.)

LT: Wipe!

Blue: JESUS!


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