A Disaster at the Beach
A Disaster at the Beach
Oh, come on babe!
Air date 20-6-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
Location The Beach
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Season 4

Slumber Bitches

 Red & Blue decide to go to the beach for a fun day. Well actually it WON'T be a good day!




(shows a bunch of kids playing in water, girls lying under the umbrellas, and a guy slowly drowning with no one seeing him, zooms out to show Red & Blue with beach supplies)

Red: (excited) Alright! Wet boobies and sexy hot ladies!

Blue: Dude, don't get too excited.

Red: This will make up for LAST time! Hey laaadies! (runs off)

Blue: Red! Don't get us in trouble again! (runs after Red)

(Flashback begins)

(shows Red having sex with a girl at the beach, when Chad Cop walks up to them)

Chad Cop: Sir, you two are hearby under arrest for sexuallty at the beach.

Red: (angry) What!? Why!?

Chad Cop: (points to kids) Those two kids are suddenly having SEX with each other!

Red: (looks at camera) Well that's just fucking great! No matter! I'll escape like last time!

(shows Red whining in his cell)

Red: (whines) What happened to my secret exit!?

Chad Cop: We blocked it up so you can't escape. (walks off)

Red: Noooooo!!!! (cries)

(Flashback ends)

Red: Don't worry! I'll make sure that doesn't happen again!

(shows a guy and a girl about to kiss when a shark fin approaches them and they run off screaming, it's then shown Rapper to be disguising himself as a shark)

Red: (laughs) Great trick Rapper!

Rapper: (jumps out) Best trick I ever thunk of!

Red: (suddenly screams) Aaah! Rapper's become a shark! (runs off)

Rapper: (confused) What...... the...... fuck!?

(shows Raccoon just near the water looking nervous)

Raccoon: Oh sweet mercy.

Lord Tourettes: Come on little kitty! Don't be so FUCKED from the water!

Raccoon: That water wirr make my fur go so fruffy!

Broseph: What's the big wuss, bra?

Lord Tourettes: He's FUCKED of the water!

Broseph: (confused) What?

Raccoon: He means is dat-a I'm am-a not going in da water so my fur wirr not get wet.

Broseph: Oh really? (pushes Raccoon in the water) Now your not bro! (laughs)

Raccoon: (jumps out of water all fluffy) Rook what-a you did to my fur!

Broseph: (takes picture) Oh nice, bro! (laughs)

Raccoon: (raises middle finger) Fuck you!

Broseph: (shocked) Alright, I'm gonna back away now, bra. (walks back)

(shows Blue swimming in the water and swims up to Pink)

Blue: Hey Pink!

Pink: (nervous) Uh, hi Blue.

Blue: (notices) Pink, are you alright? You don't seem so happy to see me.

Pink: It's not you Blue, I just heard rumours that jellyfish are coming up to shore.

Blue: From where?

Pink: TV news. I don't wanna get stung by jellyfish!

Blue: (wraps arm around Pink) Don't worry Pink, I'll make sure nothing gets you. No jellyfish would come this close to sting you.

Pink: Thanks Blue.

Blue: (nervously laughs) No problem.

(Pink & Blue stare into each others eyes and lean close to kiss, before their mouths could even touch, Pink yelled in pain)

Pink: OW!

Blue: (worried) Pink! Are you alright? (checks on Pink) Did anything get you?

Pink: (cries) I think something just got my foot!

Blue: Let me see.

(Pink lifts her foot from the water and shows a sting on her sole)

Pink: I think a jellyfish got me!

Blue: Let me see. (begins checking on Pink's foot by looking and touching to check)

Pink: (laughs) Blue! That tickles! (laughs more)

Blue: No need to worry Pink, this is a tiny sting mark from a baby jellyfish. Which means that this won't do anything bad to you. But you should probably put a baindade on that.

Pink: (sighs of relief) Well that's good to hear.

Blue: Your lucky that was just a little jellyf- (yelps in pain) OW!

Pink: (worried) Blue?

Blue: (checks on his back to see a giant sting mark) HOLY SHIT! I just got stung by a BIG jellyfish! (faints in the water)

Pink: BLUE!!!

(Timecut, to Blue walking down the street with a bandage on his back)

Blue: (mumbling) Stupid jellyfish. They HAD to put in a needle to cure this sting!

(shows Jess sitting on the sand and Red walks up to her with sunglasses on)

Red: Sup baby?

Jess: (annoyed) Hi Red.

Red: Whatcha up to today bitch?

Jess: Just chilling at the beach.

Red: Well the beach got a whole lot better with this dumbass! (points to himself)

Jess: (more annoyed) Yeah right. I don't really like those who think their cool, I kind of like those who try not being cool. Like the same way Fox likes boys.

Blue: (in pain) Ow, my back.

Jess: (runs to Blue) Oh my, Blue! Are you okay?

Pink: He'll be fine. Just a few weeks and he'll be brand new.

Red: WHAT!? But Blue's lame!

Jess: I always thought it was you who was lame. Infact you just ruined my day. (walks away)

Red: Oh come on babe! Your acted like Fox the day she was at the beach!

(shows Raccoon seeing a shark and holding Broseph)

Broseph: This is like, crazy right?

Raccoon: Dis is for before, bitchu! (throws Broseph at the shark)

Broseph: AAAARRGGHHH!!!! (screams as the shark eats Broseph)

(shows Lady Tourettes walking down the street without her hat)

Lord Tourettes: BITCH! Where's your hat!?

Lady Tourettes: I LEFT it at home. Why are you so worried?

Lord Tourettes: (blushes) Uh, nothing!

Lady Tourettes: Wait a minute. Do You HAVE your hat on all the TIME?

Lord Tourettes: No!

Lady Tourettes: You DO don't you?

Lord Tourettes: Of COCK not!

Lady Tourettes: (glares) Do you? It's alright to TELL me.

Lord Tourettes: Alright, I do! And I always SHIT everytime I lose one!

Lady Tourettes: (places hand on L.T.'s cheek) Aww you cute thing. (kisses his cheek)

Lord Tourettes: (sniffs) Thanks COCK sucker!

(shows Red & Blue walking to the car)

Red: None of the ladies liked me today!

Blue: (groans) Let's just go home.

Red: (remembers) Oh yeah! I have a pet in the car to show you!

(in the car, Blue sees a puppy in the car)

Blue: (adores) Aww, you got a puppy?

Red: NO! (points) THAT'S my pet!

(suddenly a shark pops out and eats the puppy scaring the life out of Blue)

Blue: (screams) HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!!!!!!!!

Red: Good boy Bruno!



  • For some of you confused, Jess was wearing pants, not a skirt.
  • This shows that Raccoon doesn't like getting wet.
  • Red has a pet shark even though he's scared of sharks
  • Pink is ticklish
  • Pink has a fear of jellyfish
  • Lord Tourettes was blushing because he didn't want Lady Tourettes to think he was obsessed with his hats.
  • Broseph died again
  • Fox was mentioned by both Red and Jess.
  • Red's scared of sharks even if people are disguised as them. Although Red doesn't mind dressing up like a shark himself.


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