A Rapper's Past
A Rapper's Past
"Who am I?"
Air date 29-11-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13, CookieEyes, Mdkid663
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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Who is Rapper? Why is he a killer? And what made him a Killer? Experience this fic to find out about his past.



(Rapper sits on top of a hill watching the sunset)

Rapper: (sighs) I really need to know something. What made me a killer? I can't even remember...

(suddenly shows a quick flashback of a girl before cutting back to Rapper)

Rapper: (sighs) My head really hurts... I can't stop thinking.

(Rapper stands up when the sky turns dark)

Rapper: But I swear, one day I will find out.

(lightning strikes behind Rapper as the title of the episode shows. The next day it shows Rapper sitting at a bar slowly drinking beer)

Bartender: Could I get you anything sir?

(Red bursts in the bar)


Rapper: (grumbles angrily) Really? At a time like this? My head fucking hurts...

Spark: (comes in) Hey Rapper, what's wrong?

Rapper: I don't know.... I've been having flashbacks.

Red: And what type of killer would have flashbacks?

Rapper: They've been disturbing me...

Red: What? Something about a girl?

(suddenly a girl's scream is heard in Rapper's head as he face palms on the table)

Red: Haha, he must be sleeping.

Spark: Dude, not now.

Rapper: (sighs) I'll be right back. (walks into the bathroom)

Red: Wow quick nap dude.

(Spark rolls his eyes)

(Rapper goes into the bathroom and washes his face)

Rapper: What the fuck is going on...?

(Rapper looks up the mirror and sees a figure in a dark hood)

Rapper: (gasps) What?

(it dissapears in lightning as Rapper kneels down in dispair)

Rapper: (screams) WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?

(Rapper walks out the bathroom and past Red and Spark)

Spark: (sighs) I've seen this before.

Red: What, from a stupid blockbuster?

Spark: No. Something else.

Red: Well if it's something dramatic, I don't wanna hear it. (drinks beer)

(Spark follows Rapper)

Rapper: Talk to the hand Spark, I- (sighs) Need time on my own...

Spark: Oh, okay. But If anything happens I'll be with you.

(Rei is seen beating up a kid on her own. Rei knocks the kid out with a single punch and takes the money from his pocket.)

Rei: Too easy.

(Rapper walks past her in a sad mood, Rei watches with worry)

Rei: Hey what's up?

Rapper: N- Nothing... (walks away)

Rei: Doesn't sound like it's "nothing".

(Rapper continues walking)

Rapper: Why can't I remember? What could help me remember what made me this?

Mysterious Voice: Maybe I could. (laughs evily)

Rapper: (in defense) Who the fuck!?

Mysterious Voice: Well, well, well. I figure we would meet again on this day.

Rapper: Wh- Who the fuck are you anyway?

(A black figure lands in front of Rapper)

Death: My name is Death.

Rapper: And why is that?

Death: Because, (large wolverine-like claws grow out his hands) I'm a killer.

Rapper: And no where near me, Wolf or Ryle.

Death: (laughs) You sound serious. But I am here to let you in on something.

Rapper: (glares) What?

Death: Let's just say I may know about your past?

Rapper: Wh- How?

Death: Before I get to that, tell me. Do you remember a girl named (close up on his face) Zuri?

Rapper: No? Who is this Zu-

Zuri: (in Rapper's head) Rapper...

Rapper: (freaking out) What's going on!?

Death: Look into your past.

(suddenly zooms into Rapper's head as a flashback begins. It shows a young red girl being picked on by bullies)

Girl: Please don't hurt me!

(Rapper comes in and onto one of the bullies)

Rapper: Let her go.

Bully: (growls) Fine!

Bully #2: Let's get out of here before we're next!

GIrl: You saved me...

Rapper: I only did it because I hate those jerks.

Girl: Thank you for saving me. What's your name?

Rapper: Uhh, It's Rapper.

Zuri: My name's Zuri.

Rapper: Hmm.... Nice name.

Zuri: I can tell, (hugs him) we're gonna be best friends.

(Flashback ends)

Rapper: (in shock) Yes.... I do know this girl.

Death: (laughs) My plan is slowly beginning.

Rapper: (glares) What plan?

Death: I bet you two would have had a fun time as friends huh?

Rapper: Well-

Death: Do you remember the day someone killed her?

Rapper: No I-

(Zuri's scream in Rapper's head causes him to place both his hands on his head)

Rapper: RAAAAARGH!!!

(Rapper looks up to find Death gone)


(a gunshot is heard in Rapper's head)

Rapper: AUUUUGH!!! (faints)

(the screen goes black)

Zuri: Rapper....

(suddenly Rapper finds himself in a white area)

Zuri: It's good to see you again.

Rapper: Zuri....?

Zuri: Come to me.

(Rapper slowly approaches her when suddenly Death jumps in front of Rapper)

Death: SHE'S DEAD NOW!! (laughs darkly)

(Rapper wakes up in his bed)

Rapper: Holy shit..

Blue: Rapper! (runs in the room) Rapper your awake! Are you okay?

Rapper: I- I don't-....

Blue: What the fuck happened yesterday?

Rapper: (sighs) Some dude named Death...

Blue: And?

Rapper: (sighs) Some girl named Zuri...

Blue: And??

Rapper: (sighs) That's all.

Blue: I hope he's okay.

(Rapper gets up and walks outside his house)

Blue: Rapper...

Rapper: I must find out more about this past of mine... I mean I know about Zuri, but what made me a killer?

Death: So that's what you REALLY want to know?

Rapper: (gets pissed) You. (charges at him)

(Death jumps over Rapper and kicks him into mud)

Rapper: (groans) God damn it!

(Rei spots Rapper and runs to him)

Rei: Rapper!

Death: (laughs) And who is this Rapper? Your girlfriend?

Rei: Of course I am!

Death: And is she anywhere closer than Zuri?

Rapper: Shut up! I will one day find out who killed her, no matter what!

Death: Alright then. Guess you don't want me to tell you who killed her.

Rapper: Who di-

Death: IT WAS ME!

(Rapper suddenly has another flashback)

Zuri: See ya Rapper!

Rapper: Bye. (Zuri bumps into an adult Death, It then cuts to Rapper. Zuri screams off-screen then blood splatters onto Rapper's face)

(Flashback ends)

Rapper: You-? Wh-? (kneels down) This can't be....

Rei: Who the fuck is Zuri?

Death: And old childhood friend of Rapper, who I killed. (to Rapper) Now tell me? Is that day the reason you became a killer?

Rapper: (suddenly engulfs in flames) You monster!

Death: Don't you see Rapper!? Zuri's death is overtaking you.

Rapper: (demonic voice) OH I AM A KILLER!!! AND I WILL KILL YOU!!!

(lets out a large blast knocking Death back a little and Rei into a tree, almost killing her)

(Rei coughs up blood after landing on the ground.)

Death: (laughs) Maybe your upset about losing Zuri, but what about Rei?

Rapper: SO WHAT ABO- (suddenly turns back to normal and looks back at Rei) Oh no...

(Rei gets up, but blood starts coming down from her head.)

Rapper: (watches in horror) Holy shit...

(Rei wipes the blood and starts to run away.)

Rapper: Rei, I didn't-

(Rei runs away while crying)

Rapper: Rei!

Death: (laughs darkly) See? Your anger is causing you to lose your friends. And all because of a stupid girl. Your not a very good killer if you ask me.

Rapper: (turns around but finds Death gone) What!? (sighs and kneels down in defeat and dispair) What have I done? (starts raining as Rapper starts bleeding from his chest)

Zuri: Rapper....

Rapper: (looks up) Zuri?

(A spirit of Zuri appears in front of Rapper)

Rapper: Zuri? Is that you?

Zuri: Rapper, you must put your past behind you.

Rapper: How!?

Zuri: I know you failed to protect me, but you have a new life now. Don't be a killer just for me, do it to protect the ones you love, like Rei.

Rapper: (looks down) I don't know Zuri.

Zuri: Look, enough of this "I Don't Know" crap! You must put your past behind you and fight Death to prove your a great killer. And do it to win back your girl, but do a favour for me.

Rapper: What?

Zuri: Promise to always protect her no matter what.

(Rapper nods slowly)

Rapper: I will.

Zuri: Good... Farewell Rapper, It's been good seeing you again after so long.

Rapper: Goodbye Zuri...

(Zuri dissapears as Rapper stands up)

Rapper: She's right. I WILL be a killer! I'll do it to kill my enemies, protect my friends and do it because I love to. (laughs) Alright Death, where are you!?

Death: (laughs evily) Did you call me? (appears in front of him)

Rapper: (laughs) Yes I did.

Death: So Rapper? How's that attitude of yours? Zuri must hate you after you failed to protect her.

Rapper: Oh I don't care about that anymore.

Death: What!?

Rapper: All I care about is who I am and what I must do. (pulls sword out) Let's start with you.

Death: (grows his claws) PREPARE TO DIE!

(Rapper and Death slash their claws and sword and Rapper kicks Death into a tree. Rapper then runs to Death as Death kicks Rapper in the air, giving Rapper a chance to crush Death, which he does. Death recovers and cuts Rapper's leg with his claws)

Rapper: SHIT!!

Death: (laughs) I remain victorious.

Rapper: Nope, think twice.

Death: What!?

(Rapper cuts Death's hands off)

Death: FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK! (kneels down in defeat as Rapper stands before him)

Rapper: Well, well, well. Looks like I remain victorious.

Death: Who- Who do you think you are!?

Rapper: Rapper, the second best killer in the world. (stabs Death as he dies)

Death: I- Will- Return. (faints and dies)

Rapper: That's one job done, (looks behind him) Now I have to take care of the next.

(Rei sits on a park bench near the beach while crying a little)

Rei: Should I...even approach him again...?

Rapper: (sighs) Hey Rei...

(Rei quickly looks away)

Rei: Wh-What?

Rapper: (sighs) I'm sorry about before, I may have gotten a little crazy. But now I know what I must do. Be a killer and protect the one I love, so I won't lose you.. like I lost Zuri...

(Rei looks back at Rapper while smiling)

Rei: ...Thanks for the info.

(Rei puckers her lips and slowly approaches Rapper, finally they kiss while the sun sets)




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