A Rapper's Stalker
Rapper, Victoria and Rei
You will be MINE!!
Air date 6-14-14
Written by AndrewBrauer, YoshiRocker13, & CoookieEyes
Directed by AndrewBrauer
Location Rapper's House
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A Rei Problem

Fifi's Twilight Zone

 Rapper now has a new stalker, and she doesn't mess around when she wants her Rapper.



(Victoria is drinking a red bull while watching Rapper kill some gang members at the basketball park)

Rapper: Hey gang member! I think there's something red on your face! Oh yeah! (cuts his head) It was bloooood! (laughs manically)

Victoria: (In her head) Rapper is so sexy to me. (Crushes her red bull can with her right hand)

Rapper: (fits a gang member's head into another's) Cannibalism Members instead! (crushes them)

Victoria: (In her head) I think I just had an orgasm!

Rapper: (finishes killing them) Right, now that the gang members are gone, I should wait for Rei to come for our blood drinks. Heh, she loves 'em.

(Victoria sneaks around Rapper without being seen and follows him)

Rapper: (senses) I think someone is following me...

(Victoria continues to hide without Rapper seeing her)

Rapper: (starts rapidly shooting behind him) WHOEVER IS FOLLOWING ME COME OUT!!

(Victoria is hidden from Rapper)

Rapper: Maybe I should just ignore it... (walks away)

(Rapper returns home and waits for Rei)

Rapper: Man, where is she? We were suppose to watch this sick new horror movie.

Rei: (shows up behind him) Yo.

Rapper: Whoa, hey Rei. How did you come behind me so quickly?

Rei: Kari let me in, so I hanged out here 'til you got home.

(Victoria watches out the window at Rapper and Rei)

Victoria: (In her head) Why is that whore with Rapper?

Rapper: Good, now we can watch this new horror film I rented.

Rei: (jumps onto the couch) Sweet!

(Victoria quickly hides and silently hides inside without Rapper and Rei noticing)

Rapper: Whoa, that scene is a classic.

Victoria: (Hides behind the couch) (In her head) Rapper will be mine.

Rapper: Rei, do you feel like somebody is hiding behind the couch?

Rei: Not unless it's Kari.

(Victoria suddenly grabs Rei's neck and has a knife next to it)

Victoria: DIE BITCH!!


Victoria: (Giggles) I'm only doing it for you Rapper, I love you!

Rapper: Well I hate you too!

Victoria: (To Rapper) I know you love me, please love me, I can kill anyone you hate!


Victoria: Silly Rapper. (Squeezes his right cheek) I can't do that. (Pulls out a min-gun)

Rapper: (face palms) You are a fucking retard!

Victoria: (To Rei) Now you better leave before these bullets strike your face and blow your fucking brains out!

Rei: Pfft! (rolls her eyes) Alright! Jeez!

Rapper: No! Your staying here! (to Victoria) YOU get out you stupid bitch!

Victoria: No! I'm staying here!

Rapper: (slaps Victoria) GET OUT!!!

Victoria: No! Not until your mine!

Rapper: Your not mine! Rei is!

Victoria: Well then. (Points her mini gun at Rei) I should kill those who get in my way. (shoots at Rei)

(Rei gets shot and falls down in pain.)

Rapper: REI! (runs to her)

Rei: (clenching her stomach) God...dammit!

Rapper: (gets up slowly and very angry)

Rapper: (to Victoria behind him) Okay you bitch, we can do this the easy way or the hard way...

Victoria: I've done my job. (Rapper blinks and sees that Victoria has disappeared)

(Rapper screams in furious anger) Rapper: THE NEXT TIME YOU RETURN I WILL FUCKING!! KILL!!! YOUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! (pants) Oh shit, I forgot about Rei! (runs to her) We have to get you to a hospital!

Rei: O...kay.

(It later shows Rei in the hospital bed with Katorou, Kari and Rapper around her bed.)

Katorou: So, what happened?

Rapper: There was this crazy bitch named Victoria that ruined our party and shot Rei in the stomach!

Jade: (Walks in) I assume Victoria tried to kill Rei?

Rapper: Yeah! She's a bitch for doing it!

Kari: "Victoria"! "Vic" for future murder "vic"tim. (giggles)

Katorou: Well, go ahead and question if I'm the real Katorou or not, but... (sighs and turns to Rapper) thanks for getting her here.

Rapper: No prob.

(Rei groans in pain as Kari tickles her feet a bit)

Rei: (tries not to laugh) Kari stop it!

Kari: But you're smiling~!

Rapper: Kari, what are you doing?

Kari: I just wanna make her feel better.

Rapper: Umm, okay?

Jade: Rapper, it'll be impossible to kill Victoria since she can escape in the blink of an eye.

Rapper: Yeah, well next time I see her, I'll shoot her in a flash.

Jade: (To Rapper) Not until she gets what she wants, which is you.

(Kari tickles Rei's feet more and Rei laughs out loud.)

Rapper: (laughs) Kari, always being a nutshell.

(Victoria watches while wearing a trench coat, sunglasses, and big hat)

Victoria: (In her head) Thank goodness Jade is with you Rapper, otherwise I would have killed any woman near my precious Rapper.

(Victoria is immediately shot in the head.)


Jade: (shocked) Wha-?! How did you-?!

Rapper: If she's a stalker of mine, she won't know I'm trying to kill her. (small laugh) And you said THAT was impossible.

(Jade face palms)

The End


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