A Yoshi in this World
A Yoshi in this World
"I created you."
Air date July 4th, 2014
Written by YoshiRocker13
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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This is the story of how I, YoshiRocker13, arrived in the Dick Figures Universe.



(I am busy working on my computer writing DF fan fictions. I yawn and drink some of my water.)

Yoshi: Boy, working on these Dick Figures fan fictions is more tiring than I thought.

(I get up to go downstairs until I realised I spilled some water onto my laptop.)

Yoshi: Oh shit!

(My computer starts to vibrate as I get electrocuted and knocked out. When I woke up I noticed I was not a human, but a stick figure. I was colored red, my hair was completely red and the entire city was black and white. I knew indeed, I was in the Dick Figures universe.)

Yoshi: Oh my god... (I check myself) I'm in the Dick Figures universe! Oh shit! This is weird!

(The first person I noticed walking towards me was none other than my OC, Professor Stick.)

Professor Stick: Now if I were to check that with the life form...

Yoshi: Oh! Professor Stick! Hey!

Professor Stick: Goodness? What are you doing little boy? I am fairly busy right now.

Yoshi: For your information, I am 15 and I am your creator.

Professor Stick: MY creator? But I don't even know you.

Yoshi: You probably wouldn't, because I created you from another dimension.

Professor Stick: Well if you created me, then what do you know about me?

Yoshi: Look, your name is Henry, but friends call you Professor Stick, your a very smart person who makes all these different types of machinery and potions. You have a sister named Fifi and a girlfriend named Twilight, and one time you even got drunk for a failure invention you made.

Professor Stick: (amazed) Oh my god! You ARE indeed my creator!

Yoshi: (I let out a sigh) Yes, it's me.

Professor Stick: Could it be that some sort of invention sent you to this world?

Yoshi: I think it was my computer.

Professor Stick: This is so incredible! I have to tell everybody else who you are! (runs off)

Yoshi: (I start walking away) There goes ONE of my OCs.

(Without looking, I accidentally bumped into Jess.)

Jess: Oh! Excuse me.

Yoshi: (I excuse myself) I'm so sorry for bumping into you Jess.

Jess: Oh that's okay I- (pauses) Wait a minute, how do you know my name?!

Yoshi: Because I created you.

Jess: (confused) WHAT?

Yoshi: It's true, I created you in another world.

Jess: Prove it.

Yoshi: Your name is Jess, I made you look like another girl named Pink. You have a boyfriend named Spark and used to be Bruce's ex-girlfriend.

Jess: (amazed) Oh my god! You created me! It's so awesome!

Yoshi: (I blush) Well, I usually like to make some girls a bit cute.

Jess: Aww! Your also very nice too!

Yoshi: Turns out I made more people than you think.

Jess: Did you make Holly?

Yoshi: (I blush again) Yes, I did.

Jess: OMG! You made a lot of people!

Yoshi: Well, I mostly did it for fun. But I NEVER knew one day I could meet them.

Jess: Well, It's such an honor to meet the boy that created me and you are certainly very wonderful too. (kisses my cheek)

Yoshi: (I blush again) Err, thanks. Well, I'd best be off. I got to go find some place to sleep.

(I continue walking, and then I spot Rapper killing some gang members, I knew Rapper would most likely kill me as a random target, so I did my best to walk past him without being seen.)

Rapper: (sees me) Hey! Who are you?

Yoshi: (I gulp) Shit...

Rapper: Hey, just because I kill random dudes, doesn't mean I kill kids as well, that's Wolf you gotta look out from.

Yoshi: Rapper, you may not believe me but... I'm your creator.

Rapper: So your like my god?

Yoshi: Technically...

Rapper: So you were the one that made me such a well known killer?

Yoshi: Y- Yes...

Rapper: So I guess you are my creator.

Yoshi: Yes, please don't hurt me Rapper...

Rapper: I won't unless you get outta my sight, I know your my creator, but I can still do things to you.


Rapper: You don't look like one.

Yoshi: (I groan angrily) Fine! I'll leave! (I storm off angrily)

Rapper: Good boy.

(I continue to look around town to try and find a place to sleep. I start to yawn and get to sleep. So I sleep in a street, soon I notice a shadow on me, and I look up and see Rayne.)

Rayne: Excuse me little boy? What are you doing out here?

Yoshi: (blush) I- I'm lost...

Rayne: Oh you poor little child! Should I take you to your parents' house?

Yoshi: Uh, I'm not sure how to tell you this Rayne but...

Rayne: Wait, how did you know my name?

Yoshi: I created you.

Rayne: Oh, that's how you know my name...

Yoshi: So, I came from another world, different than this one, and I'm kinda lost at the moment.

Rayne: Aww! (looks around) Tell you what? How about I let you stay in my cave?

(Rayne picks me up from the ground, and I smile at her.)

Yoshi: That would be very nice of you Rayne.

(Rayne flies into the sunset carrying me, as I knew that today was going to be a very awesome start since my arrival in the Dick Figures universe.)

(Episode Ends)


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