Air-powered Sword
Air-powered Sword


Carbon and Titanium Alloy


Air Pressure Charge


Air Cannon and Momentum Boost




Given to Spark by Jones in his lab inside Jade's home

Designed by Spark, a long, sharp, light weighted sword and is created and given to him by a dangerous weapons inventer, Jones to help save Jade from Earl Grey when he took her right under their noses. Spark took the sword from Jones to uses it's abilities and to find Earl Grey and save Jade as an oppurtunity, Spark then placed it as his personal weapons. The sword itself can cut through any objects or people such as stick figures. It also has a built-in air cannon that can explode oppenents, obstacles or objects when piereced. This sword is one of Spark's personal weapons. The air pressure however is not limitless and has be recharged for only a minute each time it's used and has can only release shorts bursts from the blade. Few weeks months later Spark came to his friend Violet in Cybertime System, Spark tells her to upgrade his sword for him in which she did and now that it can boost of momentum for every single strike Spark makes.

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