The creator and the writer of Wolf and others has entered the Dick FIgure universe. That's right, I Alpha-LoneWolf. I know I won't be the last creator to enter this universe. Not knowing how or why, I accept it and hopes to make the best of it. I find this new life to be full of random adventures and illogical events that will both amaze and terrify me seeing that I have no super human powers or abilities other than to create plots and adventures for my characters. Also it will be hard to be around Fox as hot and kind hearted as she is. I guess I'll have to accept whatever comes my way in this new world.


Alpha-LoneWolf, a.k.a. Alpha, is myself. I have no super abilities or powers. I am just a normal human turned into a stick figure. Although I have the ability to make plots and adventures for my characters only. Say what you think, a dream, super computer portal, making a wish, or just some virtual reality program brought me in this world of dick figures. I am a marine with combat training, I am an adult, and pretty much a good guy. that's all I can say about myself really. When I find myself here in the dick figure world I waste no time to find my characters as fast as I can. Surely enough I catch a cab to the Drunken Bear Tavern where I know to find either Lass, Lad, or Fox and try to convince them of who I am. The rest of what happens next will come later or when I decide to create the next plot.


  • Marine combat


  • Create plots and adventures for my Characters


  • Wood carving
  • Cartoons
  • Story writing
  • Fighting
  • Sketching


  • good humored
  • Friendly
  • Sometimes impatient
  • Creative
  • Likes to joke around
  • Sometimes is serious
  • Adventurous


  • Main theme
Final Fantasy Tactics OST - Tutorial-002:11

Final Fantasy Tactics OST - Tutorial-0


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