Amnesiac Red
Amnesiac Red
Air date April 2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
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 When Red suffers Amnesia, he becomes intelligent.


  • Red
  • Blue
  • Rapper
  • Lord Tourettes


(It's a rainy day and a leak of water is running down from the roof of Red & Blue's apartment. Red is carrying a GameStation 3 while Blue is on the sofa.)

Blue: Dude come on and bring that thing in here!

Red: Why can't YOU carry it!?

Blue: I threw away all YOUR old stuff while you were at a bar with Rapper!

Red: (groans.)

(Red slips on a small puddle and throws the GS3 in the air and it hits Red's head. Red suddenly faints.)

Blue: What happened in there!? (heads into the kitchen and sees Red on the floor.) (gasps.) Red! (runs to Red's aid.) Are you okay?

(Red wakes up.)

Blue: Dude?

Red: And who are you?

Blue: What?

Red: Am I suppose to know you?

Blue: Red it's me Blue! Your best friend!

Red: I've never seen you before in my life. In fact, (gets up.) where am I?

Blue: Your in my apartment.

Red: Hmm. Guess this is my new place to live. (walks into the main room.)

Blue: Red?

(Red picks out a book called Sience and Smart)

Blue: Okay something's not right here. I think he's got amnesia! (smiles.) I might actually enjoy it!

Red: (heads out the apartment.)

Blue: I think I'm going to enjoy the new Red!

(Red is walking down the street and runs into Stacy.)

Stacy: Sup Reddy?

Red: And who are you?

Stacy: Uh Red it's me Stacy! Your girlfriend! Come on let's go to my bed and have naked sex!

Red: Goodness! Unacceptable! I will not ever do that!

Stacy: (getting pissed off.) Alright Red stop playing around with me!!

Red: How do you know my name? Are you my sister???

(Stacy about had enought breaks a bottle with an angry look on her face.)

(time lapse, Red is walking down the street again with a broken bottle stuck in his head. Blood can be seen. Rapper is walking down the street with Lord Tourettes.)

Rapper: You are a strange person but a cool one too.

Lord Tourettes: Why thank you COCK SUCKER!

Red: Ohhh. such pain.

Rapper: Red?

Red: And who are you?

Rapper: (pulls out the bottle from Red's head.) Are you okay?

Lord Tourettes: I think he's got FUCK-NESIA.

Rapper: You mean Amnesia?

Lord Tourettes: Yup!

Rapper: Alright L.T. stand back. I'll handle this. (Rapper whacks Red's head with a hammer and Red suddenly cures.)

Rapper: Now let's see if this works.

Red: (farts)

Rapper: Yup. He's back.

(Blue appears.)

Blue: Aww Rapper! You ruined the perfect Red!

Rapper: Oh yeah!? How about I make YOU act like RED!

(Rapper starts chasing Blue with his hammer.)

Blue: NOO!

-Episode Ends-


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