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Amphy is a fictional character in Dick Figures. She has a T-shirt with her name on it, a knit hat which resembles to Craig's (from the South Park series) and glasses. She seems to write books and illustrate them, and her wishes are that if her books are published, that they're going to be bestsellers.

Social Life

Amphy is a writer of some well-known books that are published for a short time. She seems to be secretly in love with Earl Grey and Gerald Butler (while she doesn't notice that these two are already taken) . She also loves to hear and/or read the stories of Batman and the Bloser (Red and Blue) and sometimes, because of that, she wishes that she could be a superhero too at one day. Amphy also wants to earn money with other things than her books. For example, she sells baloney sandwiches with barbecue sauce, but then she fails because of:

  1. Getting only a few customers
  2. Standing in the middle of a fuss city
  3. Not reckoning with the people who dislike sandwiches/baloney/barbecue sauce, etc.

Amphy has a wish list with over 9000 wishes she wants to make one of them come true at one day, but her no. 1 wish is asking people for her autograph if they buy her books for the first time.

Amphy NeutralSelf

Amphy's neutral self


  • Amphy is one of the only characters who seems to be left-handed.
  • If Amphy's happy, she always giggles after her sentence(s), but if she's sad or angry, she always says 'Hm!' after her sentence(s).
  • Amphy seems to have a predilection for Batman and the Bloser, and in her first appearance (Arguing with the Superheroes, to be announced) you'll mention that.
  • She is allergic to meat and soy, so she is a vegetarian by eating only vegetables and potatoes at supper time.
  • Her secret love for Earl Grey is higher than that for Gerald Butler.
  • Amphy hates heartbreakers, you'll mention that in the episode (TBA) Access Denied to Heartbreakers.

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