This is gonna be the first time I've gotten off my ass to actually write an episode if I forget something tell me


(Kordell is sitting around playing Grand Faft 5 ONLINE he is currently raging over something but right now your stuck reading this bullshit muahahahaha!)

Kordell: Fucking Hookers my character was deleted again!

Kordell: Cloud storage my fucking dick, that shits a joke let me save my shit to my system Fuckstar!

Kordell: I was level 24 and I had almost maxed Shooting out I also had 20,0000 in th- Oh wait banked cash is still there... Well that cool.

Kordell: Well Im bored of this now

(Kordell throws his controller through his TV)

Kor- No fuck that he's K from now on

K: Mom TV's busted!

Narrator) Kordell yelled out to his mother that his Tv had exploded in another freak malfunction that could not be explained, he walked out the door and started to his friends when he suddenly saw a car fly over his head


(Kordell ducked for cover and looked around for the source of the flying car)

K: Holy christ what in the hell was that?

(He spots an orange and black figure fighting before the black one is blasted toward him he narrowly avoids crushing a second time)

K: Holy dick licks why the fuck do I live in this town!

Twisted: God dammit Fireblaze let me turn the hookers to demon babes you fuck!

Fireblaze: I told you they would suck out mens souls!


(Twisted jumps at Fireblaze who promptly whacks him on the head with a fire hydrant just in time to stop him Twisted responds by biting Fireblaze's leg causing Fireblaze to lose his balance and fall but he blasts Twisted off of him and Twisted lands next to Kordell)

Twisted: It appears theres a snack I can use to refuel in this fight

(Twisted grabs Kordell and extends long tendrils from his back and attempts to stick them into Kordell before Fireblaze dropkicks Twisted)

Fireblaze: Kid I'd get out of here before you get hurt

(Fireblaze grabs Twisted and throws him another block down this gives Kordell time to get his bearings and run)

K: Jegus Criken!

K: This towns, F*cking Nuts!

(Kordell slows down to a walk)

K: But really meh

K: As long as I don't die I dont give a fuck... may aswell go back home eat some dinner and go to bed

(Kordell lets out a long tired sigh)

K: Another day not to give a F*ck about

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