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Another Day with Fifi
Another Day with Fifi
Thanks Sticky Head Man!
Air date May/June 2013
Written by YoshiRocker13, Alpha-Lonewolf
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 Bruce is going to give Fifi her best birthday ever by taking her to a cookie shop. But after a bit of cookie madness, Fifi & Bruce run into 3 girls who always hated Fifi



Wolf: (talks to Fifi next to Bruce) Okay listen Fifi. I have a plan for your birthday, but you have to stay with Bruce for the whole day in order to get it.

Fifi: Why won't you be there Wolfy? (tearing up)

Bruce: Yeah. Why won't you be here with her? She would have liked this day more with you here.

Wolf: Uh... I uh, need to prepare your birthday gift and it will take till tomorrow to finish it.

Bruce: Oh alright then.

(Wolf quickly leaves)

Fifi: I love you Wolf!

(time lapse, shows Bruce holding Fifi's eyes shut. Fifi is excited)

Bruce: Now don't look! It's a surprise!

Fifi: Wow! you got me the color black!

Bruce: (confused) Yeah..... There's your surprise!

(shows a cookie shop with halleluiah playing. A sign reads: Free Cookies! Fifi suddenly becomes really excited)

Fifi: COOKIE MAN LAND!!! (dives and crashes through the window)

(shows Blue near the cash register)

Blue: Welcome to the- (recognises Fifi) OH NO!!!

Bruce: (starts laughing at Blue)

Blue: Why Bruce!?

Bruce: Hey come on man It's the girl's birthday and besides you were selling free cookies!

Blue: Actually that was a scam.

Bruce: (points a gun at Blue) WHAT!?

Blue: (shocked) No! Their ALL Free! (laughs nervously)

Bruce: (puts gun away) They better.

Fifi: (mouthful of cookies) Mmm these are the best cookies I ever... (starts gagging and choking)

Bruce: FIFI!!! (grabs Fifi and gets her to spit out the cookie and stops choking) Oh great. She's gonna start crying isn't she?

Blue: I Don't know! I'm not an expert with Fifi!

Fifi: (looks at the chewed up cookie) COOKIE!!! (eats it again)

Blue: (disgusted) UGH! SO GROSS!!

Bruce: (face palm) Aaaaaand she has to do that.

(time lapse, Bruce & Fifi walk out of the cookie shop & Fifi is pulling a whole bag of cookies)

Bruce: Well I hope you had a great time there Fifi!

Fifi: (pulls two cookies out of the bag and plays with them like dolls on Bruce's head) Cookie man meets a cookie girl and they live happily ever after on a giant planet made of cookies. (hums a small made up tune)

Bruce: Oh brother

(Bruce then sees Red talking to 3 girls)

Red: Soo ladies? You new around here?

(Fifi squeaks in fright and quickly hides behind Bruce)

Bruce: Fifi? What's wrong?

Girl 1: OMG! is that the idiot we ditched last time?

Girl 2: And is someone actually able to be that close such a moron?

Girl 3: Maybe he is waiting to make a fool out of her even though she is fully capable of doing that herself.

(The three girls laugh as Fifi begins to cry)

Bruce: Hey fuck you!

Girl 2: Wait, you're actually protecting her?

Girl 3: Like he likes her?

Girl 1: Wow, he's as stupid as she is.

Bruce: (points a pistol at them) TAKE, THAT, BACK!

Girl 2: W-Wait! Don't shoot us!

Girl 3: Y-Yeah! We were only joking!

Girl 1: Not about the girl but-

Bruce: WHAT?!

Red: (freaked out) Alright, I'm gonna go now, bye! (runs off)

Fifi: I want Wolfy. (crying)

(suddenly Bruce sees Wolf drinking beer before he could shoot the three girls)

Bruce: WOLF!!! WERE YOU EVEN GOING TO PLAN FIFI'S BIRTHDAY!? You won't believe what just happened! (points his gun again at 3 girls) These 3 girls were just being Bitches at Fifi!

Wolf: Who are they?

Fifi: They left me alone the day I met you. (sobs)

Wolf: (angered) So you are the reasons she follows me where ever I go now! (pulls out two dull rusted serrated machetes) For all the times she has tormented me I will repay you back twice as painful and slow!

Girl 1: Wait! we can work this out!

Girl 3: We'll have a foursome! How does that sound?

(Wolf thinks for a bit)

Girl 2: I think he likes it.

Wolf: No I just wanted to see your hopes rise before I crush it. (starts to slowly torture and laugh in the bloodshed)

Bruce: This could get a bit intense!

Wolf: (finishes the torture a while later) Here want a souvenir? (hands out one of the heads of the girls to Bruce)

Bruce: Of course! Sweet revenge! (laughs like a psycho)

Fifi: (hugs Wolf around the waist) My Hero!

Wolf: (rolls his eyes) And she didn't even realize the girls i just killed?

Fifi: What girls?

Bruce: Never mind that. Sometimes I just don't understand that girl.

-Episode Ends-


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