Queen of fear

"What? Afraid of the dark?"









Weapon of choice



About 1200


Black and dark red

Ariande is a black and dark red villainess, who is known to be the "Queen of fear". She's dark, manipulative, evil, and very powerful. She's still a very atractive women, and she will use that to her adventage. Ariande is seemingly imortal, but she can die. She holds the power of erebokinis, meaning manipulation of darkness/shadows (The opposit of Tai). Her personality is pretty simple, she loves to see others afraid, she loves the dark and fear, she will do anything to get what she wants and she will have fun taking others down and fucking with the order of things. 

Story Of The Queen Of Fear

Ariande has little known story behind her, she was a demon born from darkness, and that is all she knew she soon learned of fear, and the weaknessis that people have because of it. She soon took it upon herself to become a dark ruler of fear, and that is what she did. Not only that but also a demon of darkness and shadows. She has incredible power, and will use it to get whatever she desires. Other than that, not much is known about the dark queen. 


  • She doesn't really get mad, though she is evil, she does all this because it's fun to her.
  • If she's not amused, she will give up on what she's doing.
  • She was made from darkness; Darkness is in her and rests in her core
  • She's very feared, for clear reasons.
  • She loves red wine.
  • Doesn't show much emotion, besides pleasure. 
  • She has said something about calling a "friend" of hers, likely to stir up some sort trouble.
  • She can ender people's dreams. 


Voice of "Lust" from FMA Brotherhood01:06

Voice of "Lust" from FMA Brotherhood.

I couldn't find a better clip


Evanescence - Haunted Lyrics HD03:05

Evanescence - Haunted Lyrics HD

First theme

Banshee in the window03:27

Banshee in the window

English Cover【JubyPhonic】Hide And Seek 숨바꼭질02:32

English Cover【JubyPhonic】Hide And Seek 숨바꼭질


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