A new OC for Dick Figures. Arson was made by Unknown to be the ultimate killing machine to both mortals and immortals. Unknown knew that opposition would have immortal powers and abilities so he created a new technology of ammunition to harm or kill immortals. Arson is Unknowns right hand minion to do only his bidding.


Unknown knew he needed a right hand minion but the only reliance he could hope to get was out of a machine. He created Arson with the most high tech features and deadly tactics to make it something to fear. Arson easily and effortlessly destroyed many opposing armies on it's own and didn't even need to avoid attacks. Arson was also built to deflect physical, mystical, and technological threats.His metal is condensed of different types of chemical substances  of the most durable objects known. This makes Arson's armor invincibly strong to physical attacks. His force field deflects all kind of spiritual energy and destroys all viruses microscopic and signal based. Arson's arsenal has all types of ammunition to fire from bullet to explosives and energy. It has gun ports all over it's body to shoot in any direction. Arson's sensor is strong enough to break through interference and works so fast that it makes anything at high speeds look as if they are actually moving slowly to give Arson time to counter an attack. Arson is only used if Unknown wishes to be amused by it's destruction.

Arson's technology with ammunition for its guns are numerous to pierce magical fields, tough armor, energy fields, as well as harming and disrupting the supernatural energy inside immortal beings. Due to Unknowns study of the supernatural he discovered the secret to defeating non-eternal based immortals whose form is not pure on an eternal existence like Saigron, Micaillas, and Janethia. Arson's metal along with its protective field makes any efforts impossible to penetrate through it. Arson is mostly an adaptable android that calculates and learns off it's target to match or surpass their abilities.


  • high mobility
  • far jump range
  • high tech sensors
  • impenetrable metal
  • Repel force field


  • Full body gun outlets
  • Limb Strengthening Generator
  • Force field skin barrier
  • Velocity Projectile Generator
  • Multi Sensor Scanner
  • Multi Cloak Devise


Tripod Sound from War of the Worlds 200500:19

Tripod Sound from War of the Worlds 2005


Arson's Only sound made when about to fight


Ghost rider music - Blackheart beat03:02

Ghost rider music - Blackheart beat


Arson's Theme


  • 1/5 Unicorn Barf!
  • 2/5 It was like Meh.
  • 3/5 I guess it was... pretty good.
  • 4/5 This is like crazy right?

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