Back Then

As the character notice about the death house, some of the people agree that it was fake and wasn’t real at all while some said that it was real and also death. The person made a deal. If they walk in the house and come back in time, then it was a fake. But if not, the person will be sorry. A deal was a deal. The other people was of course upset that no one believe in them. The news speed out of town and city. People think the legend death house was true, some didn’t care at all. They did believe because there was a killer once in there. The killer put blood on the walls, mirrors, floors, outside of the house and on objects. The killer will also draw a smile face the walls and others, also leaving cupcakes on the ground, with one bite, more bite, or not a touch and/or bites, it remains silence and stay. Whoever bring anything from the death house will be curse, that’s what the believer said. As they did the test, some of the people who didn’t believe when into the death house while the believer also when with them.

About for four year, everyone forgot about the death house, also they forgot the people who were in the death house. Later, there was some people who didn’t know about the death house, so they destroy it. At the night time, the house re-new itself as no one notice. In the morning when the people who destroy the house take a look at the house, they were surprise. They did it again and it re-new itself again and again every time that someone destroy it, then the house kill the people when they got into the house, they were also trapped inside and there was no way out as they think.

They wanted to eat something that they started to eat each other and get eaten. Then the bone remain in the house. The reason why the house was called ‘Death House,’ was because it was a trap, it was death, and the legend was true. So, the believer put a sign in front of the house and called it ‘Death House.’ Also, they put down ‘STAY OUT.’ Lucky, the person who put the sign there safely make it out.

Now Then

People are now talking about this legend as some kids get scary, people said ‘yea right,’ and people are getting injuries when people are talking about it and said it’s true, like Slender. People in the stick figures world to not care as some think it’s all fake. No one care.

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