Battleship Hijackers
Battleship Hijackers
"This ship will be MINE!"
Air date 17-11-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13, CookieEyes.
Directed by YoshiRocker13
Location Battleship
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 Red and Rapper help a Gangster steal a very large battleship. While Blue and his friends must try to stop them.



Red: Sooo, how we gonna do this?

Gangster: Don't worry son, just leave the plan to me.

Red: You're my father?

Gangster: What? No! It's a-! Aah never mind.

Rapper: I cannot wait to kill all people on board.

Blue: What are you guys doing?

Red: (whacks Blue with a baseball bat) Nothing!

Rapper: Maybe he'll be knocked out and won't wake up.

Red: Sweet, should we go hijack that big sweet plane?

Blue: Wait what!?

Rapper: Shit! He heard us! (knocks Blue out with a food plate)

Gangster: Who the fuck was that d-bag?

Red: Lamo Friendo. Let's go! (flies away)

Rapper: (jumps in tank and drives away)

Blue: God fucking damn it. If Red and Rapper get arrested then I have to pay for it!

(cuts to Red, Rapper and Gangster)

Red: So why we doing this?

Gangster: Oh come on you dudes obviosuly know I wanna take this bitch for a ride.

Rapper: So what is it?

Gangster: I've had my eyes on this bitch. It has had heaps of tough robots and robotic chicks to harass me. I've been trying to catch this plane for years. Now I need you two help.

Red: As long as I get to rub my face in those tits.

Rapper: And hope the Robots have blood splatter all over my body.

Gangster: Uh yeah I guess so.

Red; They have human skin dude! So what?

Rapper: So which plane are we stealing?

Gangster: (close up on his face) A giant Battleship filled with giant robots, robotic girls and cool weapons.

Red: Wait, which plane are we stealing again?

(back to Blue)

Blue: Alright guys, so listen up, Red and Rapper have gone to steal some plane.

Trollz0r: (Y U No Face) Y They No Invite me!? (cries while having Forever Alone face)

Lord Tourettes: So what? It's just a SHITTY plane.

Blue: Actually It's a Battleship L.T. Those assholes could use it to destroy pretty much everything.

Lord Tourettes: Fuck.

Trollz0r: And he didn't even spaz.

Blue: LOOK. I am NOT paying for both of those retards to get out of jail again! I'm almost broke! So I suggest we stop them from causing anymore crime.

Lord Tourettes: You FUCKING said it!

Trollz0r: (Challenge Accepted face) Very well, we shall stop them.

(shows Red, Rapper and the Gangster approaching the loading bay)

Red: What kind of assholes load boxes on a Battleship!?

Gangster: Well obviously they hold lots of weapons for warriors on board.

Rapper: So what? We sneak in a box?

Gangster: I like your thinking.

(they quickly hop in a box)

Box Loader #1: Oh Jesus christ! This box is heavier!

Box Loader #2: Less talking, more loading.

(the Box Loader throws the box on board. The ship then takes off)

Rapper: (gets out of box with a sword) Alright when do we smash em'?

Gangster: Fairly soon my friend,

Red: Good because I wanna find those robotic chicks and fuck em'.

Rapper: That goes for me too.

Red: Do that and Rei will kill you.

Rapper: Oh come on It's not like she can see me from up here.

(shows Rei looking up at Rapper with her telescope)

Rei: (Japanese) (whispers angrily) You've got that wrong.

(back to Blue, now piloting a plane)

Trollz0r: Are we there yet?

Blue: (angrily) We get there when we get there!

Lord Tourettes: (looks out window) Oh, what a pretty sight of SHIT!

Trollz0r: How we gonna find them?

Blue: (looks up) It's obviously obvious that their up there.

Radio: This just in! The big battleship you may see in the sky has been under attack by three hijackers, there is a grey dude with glasses, a bald orange man and a red dude in a red cap.

Red: (on radio) Hi Stacy!

Radio: Oh god! Your in the control roo- (radio goes off)

Blue: (face palms) Fuck.

(back at the battleship, the captain is thrown out the window and lands near the others)


Red: Eesh we were only here to steal this ship.

Captain: WHAT!?!

Rapper: You idiot! You weren't suppose to tell him that!

Red: So what?

Gangster: (face palms) Idiot.

Captain: (gasps) YOU! (points to Gangster) Was this YOUR plan!?

Rapper: You know this clown?

Gangster: Well duh! Of course I do! I've been trying to steal this for years!

Captain: Well you won't be doing it again!

Red: But what about the chicks and robots!?

Captain: AND YOU TWO! YOU can leave as well!

Red: No way! (pulls out sword) YOU leave! (chases the captain)

Captain: Oh shit! Don't hurt me!

(Red is suddenly pulled into a plane)

Blue: Got him!

Trollz0r: (Forever Alone face) Why didn't you invite me for this boss battle man!?

Red: Because your a dick.

Blue: RED!

Red: Oh sup Bloser.


Rapper: Oh great, (shoots captain) At least I killed SOMEONE today.

Gangster: Excellent work mate, now I can final-

Chad Cop: (behind Gangster arrests him) Finally go back to jail once again. Your under arrest for trying to steal a battleship!

Gangster: Fuck.

Chad Cop: And so are you other two!

Blue: Uh don't worry sir. I got them. (remembers) I'm a cop.

Chad Cop: Oh okay. (walks away with Gangster)

Red: Nice. (winks at Blue)

Blue: (smiles) All in my memory dude.

Red: Wait! (jumps out window)

Blue: Wha-!? RED!

(Red hops in front of two robotic girls)

Red: I wanna take their clothes off.

Girl #1: Terminate.

Red: You'll be terminated. Terminated hardly. (takes their clothes off)

Girl #2: Affirmitave.

Blue: (face palms)

Rapper: And kill robots too. (jumps through the window)

Trollz0r: Wait for me! (jumps out window too)

Blue: FUCK!

(Rapper begins shooting and destroying robots in his cyborg suit as party music began.)

Rapper: (stops dancing and answers phone) Hello?

Rei: (angry) Sup.

Rapper: Oh hey Rei what's u- (realises) Oh. (bored tone) You saw me before didn't you?

Rei: (shaking in rage) Let's just say I borrowed Katorou's telescope for a bit.

Rapper: (face palms) Fuck.

Blue: You know what L.T.? Forget them. (flies away)



Gangster: (behind bars) This isn't the end of me! One day I will get that Battleship!

Drunk Hobo: Hey man, got any bo- boobies?

(Gangster shivers in fear)

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