Beat is a fictional character in the Dick Figures Universe. He has the power to control all of electricity and use it as a weapon, he is also a DJ and a professional hacker who can hack into anything and control it. Beat comes from Japanese culture and is quite powerful.

Social Life

Beat was experimented in his home country for electro-powers by scientists as an infant, he was injected with a powerful substance and put inside a machine where he was electrocuted and given the power to control all of electricity. Soon, Shock destroyed the set-up as he thought the powers they used could destroy the world, but Beat stopped Shock and fleet the scene, as Shock still looks for him to this day. Afterwards, he lived in Japan and kept his head low, as he was considered mysterious by everyone at his school. He became a DJ after high school and was a sensation at his country, until he discovered a new power called the "Electro-beat Ball" which can only be activated when he plays his music on his portable turntable, and once his song reaches the end of the buildup, it is activated and can destroy anything in it's path. A couple years later he moved to America and met Jade, Jones, Twilight, and Randy, as well as other OC's.


Electro-Beat Ball

This is a powerful ability that only Beat can control, this has seven colors on it where it increases at the buildup in his music increases. This only happens when Beat uses his portable Turntable, once it hits Red, a powerful explosion occurs that destroys anything in it's path, except Beat, is has no control and goes on for a while until the music clams down. When Beat uses this power, he tries to only get it up to yellow, as the worse that could happen is some loud noises and fireworks.

Beat's Friends


Beat and Sonia met in (RP or episode in the future) and had a connection with Sonia's ability to control sound and Beat's DJ skills. The two make a very powerful duo.


Jade discovered Beat when he was killing some gang members with his electro powers, she saw the opportunity to have him side with her, and the two became friends.


Jones finds Beat's powers interesting and powerful, and because he was friends with Jade, he was forced to be friends with Beat.

Beat's Enemies


It's unclear, but Beat does consider Beat dangerous and will fight him.


  • Quiet
  • Mysterious
  • Performs Dubstep, Electro-house, and Trap music.
  • Can control all the electricity surrounding him and use it to attack and defend himself and others around him.
  • Part-time Hacker.
  • Has a portable turntable.

Beat's Voice Actor

Coming Soon.


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