Becca is a kid, live with Sam and Baylee. Becca is a shy kid around, but not shy around her friend. She have a lot of pet that love her. Mostly, somehow she get r*pe. She is like Sam, but shy.

Shy time

She love animals, people, and other. She love to do sport with her friends, but she mostly stay indoor cause of her shyness. The reason she is shy because she was hurt, almost kill, and get chase. She also love to sing, since it she talent. Sadly, when she get scare, she would scream and run at the same time. Sadly, her family isn't around with her because they have die in a plane crash or something. Becca family didn't have much money so they were close to be close, but didn't because like I said, they died.

Now Becca is alone with no one to take care of. Some of the Male kidnap her and rape her which make her sad and alone. Sam and Baylee was the other ones who have found Becca, sadly getting rape. Thanks to Sam (She killed that person teleport them into a random lava), Becca can now be free and run away, but think she should just died. Baylee took her arm and Becca got scare, but relax when Sam said that they could help her out.

Becca told them about herself, but Sam and Baylee feel bad. Becca hear their story and think, but tell them it's weird because there's parent is sadly gone. So, Becca still with Sam and Baylee. Since Becca love cats, she notice that Baylee was a half cat. Becca would sometime pant her and Baylee wouldn't say anything.

Becca was happy to be with them both. Later on, Becca was sitting with nothing to do, then Sam say something about school and Becca come in, talking about it and how she use to go to school, but always getting rape by each one. So, Becca didn't want to go to school sadly. But Sam and Baylee help her out. No matter what.


  • Shy
  • Stay inside
  • Pass out very easy
  • Blush hard
  • Can fly, not much
  • Always go in her room
  • Take care of animal
  • Smart
  • scream hard
  • Run fast
  • Frank out fast


  • Sam

Becca thanks Sam really much, then they talk about theirselves. Sam help Becca not to get you know what. Sam help whatever she can and try to do everything she need to get her happy. Sam also notice that Becca doesn't like to go to school and or outside. So, they can't trust in those place.

  • Baylee

Even Baylee have nothing to do, Becca is always there for Baylee, but Baylee is like whatever dudeette. Becca love to help Baylee and her problem. Becca also love to feel her tall and ear. Also love to pant her. Really and Baylee wouldn't say anything. Baylee think that Becca can be funny.

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