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Big Snack
Season 1, Episode 2
2. Big Snack
Air date 6/24/13
Directed by IONIXMUSIC
Episode guide
Blue 65
Winner's Gambit
Red has an appetite for boobs. Go figure.


  • Red
  • Blue
  • Pink


(We begin this adventure with Red eating a sandwich.)

Red: Mmmmm... that sandwich was good.

Blue: (opens cabinet) Dude! Did you eat the rest of the mayo?

Red: You know I love that stuff!

Blue: Pink is hosting a hot mayonnaise party, and I don't want to look like a party pooper.

Red: Pooper pooper, pooper scooper!

Blue: It's not like you know about mayonnaise orgies.

Red: (horny) Did you say orgy?

Blue: Yeah. I'm gonna go have freaky sex with Pink.


(Cut to the LEZ building, where Pink is.)

Pink: Where is Blue? He better get here while I'm still hard...

Lesbian: He'll get here. Can I pleasure you until he gets here?

Pink: Sure!

(They proceed to make out. Just as that happens...)

Red: BOOM! (He breaks the door.)

Pink: Red?! What the f-(Red grabs her and picks her up.)

(Red leaves, goes to the apartment and busts open the door.)

Red: Hey Blue! I got somethin' for ya!

Blue: What are you talking abo-OH MY GOD!

Pink: Hey Blue.

Blue: Hey.

Red: Well? Are you guys gonna sex it up?

Blue and Pink: Sex it up?

Red: Fuck!

Blue and Pink: Ooooooooooh. Yes.

Red: While you guys do that, I'mma have a big snack.

Blue (making out with Pink): Mmph...Okay, whatever.

Pink: Let's take a look at that cock...

(Pink zips down Blue's pants.)

Pink: Wait... You don't have a penis?

Blue: Yeah. It's my dirty secret.

Red: Now that's what I call a dick move!


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