Birthday Madness
Pink's Birthday
Whoo! Party Time!
Air date April 2013
Written by YoshiRocker13, Alpha-Lonewolf
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 Today is Pink's Birthday and Blue plans to give her the best birthday ever! But is this what everyone else planned?


  • Red
  • Blue
  • Pink

Minor Characters


(scene shows Blue looking at the calander really excited.)

Blue: (excited) Oh man! Today's the day!

Red: Red punches Blue in the face day? (punches Blue.)

Blue (gets up) No! Today is Pink's Birthday! (gets excited again)

Red: What's so great about that?

Blue: Because Pink's my girlfriend and I hope she'll actually like this party we planned for her!

Red: She liked the other parties too!

Blue: No she didn't. Remember the first time we celebrated her birthday? You brought in 5 prostitutes and had sex with all of them. And the 2nd time you got drunk and crashed the place! So this year we'll be planning the party!

Red: Aw What!? But that's hard work!

Blue: Get over it. Now let's go get some friends to help and join the party!

Red: (sighs) Fine.

(scene cuts to Red talking to Wolf & Fox)

Red: So we're having a party! Wanna come?

Fox: Yes! Of course we would.

Wolf: (clears throat) Um, we?

Fox: (stern voice) Yes we and we are going to have a good time without any incidents right?

Wolf: Now that is the reason i hate going to parties where you can't crash them. I got better things to do like infiltrating a presidential palace or something.

Fox: Oh really? Then i would have no choice, but to invite Fifi as a traveling companion as well.

Wolf: You wouldn't. (Fox is about to yell out cookies until Wolf puts a hand over her mouth) Alright fine! I'll go to this stupid party!

Fox: Okay we're in.

Red: Great! Party starts at 8:00!

At 8:00

Blue: Alright everyone! The guests will be here soon so get everything ready!

Red: Can't we take a break!?

Rapper: Yeah! We've been setting up for 4 hours straight!

(doorbell rings. Blue answers it)

Blue: Just in time L.T.

Lord Tourettes: SPLENDID!!! I love this SHIT-DAY party! (skips inside)

(Raccoon arrives)

Blue: Aah! Welcome Raccoon!

Raccoon: This party had better be worth it.

Blue: Don't worry! This party WILL be awesome!

(Stacy arrives)

Blue: Oh hey Stacy.

Stacy: Sup Bitch?

Red: HEEEY STACY!! That's my girl! (Red and Stacy start tongue kissing)

Blue: Oh god.

(Broseph arrives)

Blue: What the!? BROSEPH!? I didn't invite you.

Broseph: What? I can't be a party crasher?

(Red shoots Broseph and he dies.)

(Wolf & Fox arrive)

Blue: Oh hey you two. Glad you could make it.

Wolf: (comes in first upset) Yeah thank Miss Sexy-and-I-know-it over there. (points at Fox)

Fox: (comes in in an elegant dress with a split that reaches her waist line and her hair was shiney and looked as if it were wet. Cat calls and howls came from outside behind her) How do I look? Wolf is being too childish to give me an honest answer.

Wolf: (calls from across the room) I know you are but what am I?

Blue: (amazed) You..... look..... beautiful.

Fox: (places a hand on Blue's shoulder) Aw thank you Blue.

Red: (takes a picture of both Fox and Blue and waves it around) This is my present for Pink (takes more pictures of Fox at different angles) and these are for me!


(Pink comes in.)

Pink: Hey everyone!

Red: Hey Pink! Here's my birthday present to you!

(Before Red could give the picure to Pink, Blue grabs it and rips it up.

Blue: HA!!

Pink: BLUE!!!

Blue: Oh uh, happy birthday Pink! (kisses Pink on the cheek)

Pink: Uh thanks Blue.

Red: Don't worry! I made copies!

Blue: Red PLEASE Don't show that picture! Pink'll kill me!

Red: Hmmmm.

Blue: I'll let you do ANYTHING!

Red: Can I crash the party?

Blue: No.

Red: Can we make this party more interesting?

Blue: Fine.

Red: Alright everyone! Let's make this party more exciting!!!

(Red turns on loud music rock and roll version of Happy Birthday. Wolf & Rapper shoot bullets at Bruce to get him to dance, Lord Tourettes starts eating Raccoon's flesh thanks to his Tourettes Syndrome and Red dances near Fox & Stacy. Blue is furious but Pink is actually amazed)

Blue: STOP THE MUSIC!!!!!!

(everything stops)

Blue: (enraged) This is NOT WHAT WE PLANNED!!!

Pink: Blue..... This was the best party ever!

Blue: Wait really? But this made the party ruined!

Red: It's what made this party AWESOME!

Pink: And the music was amazing too!

Blue: Really?

Pink: Yeah! This is amazing! Thanks Blue! (kisses Blue's cheek and he blushes.)

Blue: (blushes) Uh yeah it was!

Red: Well?

Blue: Oh yeah. Sorry I pushed you guys around.

(Wolf whacks Blue with a dinner plate)


Blue & Red: Thanks for coming!

Red: That was awesome!

Blue: So what about that picture?

Red: Oh I got rid of it.

Blue: Alright well I'm goin to bed. Night.

Red: Night!

(Red then goes on Twitter and posts the picture of Blue & Fox)

Red: (sinister laugh)

-Episode Ends-

(after ending, shows Wolf & Fox talking about what they thought about the party. They were walking home from the party)

Fox: Well that was a fun party and you didn't cause one real incident to ruin it. I'm proud of you. (Wolf makes a mischievious grin and Fox gets nervouse) Wolf, what did you do?

Wolf: I kept my word that I wouldn't ruin the party.

Fox: (skeptical) Yeah and?

Wolf: No one said anything about after the party.

Fox: Oh God.

(Shows the party house and then it explodes)

Fox: WOLF!!!

Wolf: Got to go. (crawls inside hat and blows away)


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