Blink's Big Advencher
Written by Blink Clark
Directed by Blink Clark
Other episodes by the author

  me and ellen go on a huge advencha!


(I wonder thru the skool)

blink: hi ellen!

ellen: halo blink.

blink: lets go on an advencha!

ellen: what tipe of advencha?

blink: a qwest to defeet the meaney bullie dragon!

ellen: yeah lets go and defeet the dragon!

blink: yay!

(we go and battle giant creatures)

blink: aarrr! diy big meanys!

(the creaturrs diy)

blink: yay theie dyed.

ellen: now lets go defeet the big meany bullie dragon!

(we find him)

bullie dragon: raaar! youll nevr defeet mee you littl pests!

blink: yes we will!

(I go and stab the big dragons stomac)

bullie dragon: noooo! (dies)

ellen: yay you did it blink!

(ellen kisses me all over!)

mommy: blink you saved tha wurld.

daddy: thats my best boi rite ther.

blink: yay I saved the wurld!



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