Blink's Lavender Joy
Season 13 - Blink's Lavender Issue
"The Final Child is here!"
Air date August 2, 2014
Written by YoshiRocker13, CookieEyes
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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The final child of Blue's family is arriving very soon. Now we experience the birth of the only daughter, Lavender.



Blink will still be five years old the rest of the season, but in Season 14, Blink will now be 10 years old. While Navy will be 9 years old.


(Pink was in her room playing with Blink.)

Blink: I'm gonna getcha mommy! (tickles Pink's foot)

Pink: (laughs) S- Stop it!

Blink: But we're having fun aren't we?

Pink: (giggles) Of course we are! (pats Blink's head)

(Pink suddenly has the urge to use the bathroom.)

Blink: Uhh Mommy? Are you o-

(Pink runs into the bathroom and vomits in the toilet)

Blue: Pink! Are you okay?! What's wrong?!

Navy: Whoa, Mommy is vomiting green stuff.

Pink: I-I feel sick. (feels her stomach)

Blue: Eesh, I think we need to take you to the Hospital.

(Later at the hospital)

Blue: WHAT?!

Doctor: Yes it's ture Ms. Pink, you are having another baby.

Pink: Really?!

(The Doctor nods)

Blue: Oh man, how are we gonna tell Blink and Navy this?

Pink: I'm not sure.

(Later, it shows Blue and Pink coming home.)

Blink: Daddy! Did you find out what's wrong with Mommy?

Navy: Yeah, are you okay Mommy?!

Pink: It turns out I'm fine, boys.

Blink: Then what's with the big stomach?

Navy: DId you eat too much?

Blue: Uhh, you handle this, I gotta go to work. (walks upstairs)

Pink: (takes a deep breath) Well, uhh, Blink, Navy, it's turns're going to have a new sibling coming.

Blink: Sibling...? Does this mean...?!

Pink: Yes. I'm pregnant.

Navy: Whoa! I hope this new baby's a boy!

Blink: (squeals) I'm going to be a big brother!!

Pink: (hugs him) You sure are!


(Blue and Pink were in the car outside their house talking to Indigo.)

Blue: Thanks again for watching Blink and Navy, Indigo! We'll be back in a few hours.

Indigo: Alright. Give me a call to let you know when you're coming home.

Blue: Gotcha! See ya! (drives off)

Blink: Hmm, I wonder what we should do while mommy and daddy are gone. (looks up at Indigo and grins)

Indigo: Uhh. TV?

(Shows Indigo laughing on a bed as Blink is seen playing with her toes.)

Blink: And this little piggy went (tickles her feet) Whee whee whee whee!

(Indigo giggles)

Blink: Aahh... (hugs her) Wasn't that fun?

(Indigo nods)

Blink: Do you think Mommy will be okay?

Indigo: I'm sure she will. If she was able to go through childbirth the first time when she had you, and the second time when she had Navy, I bet she can make it through this one.

Blink: Yeah! She must be having lots of fun right now!

(Suddenly cuts to the hospital as Pink's scream is heard.)


Blue: Pink! You've handled two pains before! You can handle it again! Just breathe!


(Blue sits in the waiting room next to Red)

Blue: Red? What are you doing here?

Red: It's quite obvious! Tracy's pregnant!

Blue: Whoa! Congratulations man! How is she?

Red: She's fine dude, isn't in labor yet.

Blue: Yeah well Pink's screaming is killing my ears right now.

Red: Harsh dude.

Tracy: (off-screen) RED!

Red: Uhh coming! Gotta go dude. (runs into another room)


Blue: (groans) Coming Pink! (goes into the room)

Stacy: She seems to be almost there! Okay Pink... just one more push...

(Pink screams loud enough to make the window break. Blue's ears burst out and start to bleed)

Blue: OH MY GOD!!! AUUGH! (screams in pain)

Stacy: (takes a dark blue baby from Pink's womb) Congratulations! You have a new baby girl! (gives Blue the baby)

Blue: (deadpanned with his ears still bleeding) Thanks.

Pink: (eyes tearing up) Oh! She's so cute!

(Blue hands Pink the baby as it gurgles at Pink.)

Pink: What shall we name her?

Blue: Hmm, well she is kinda a bit of a bluish purplish colour.

Pink: So...Lavender?

Blue: (smiles) That sounds perfect.

Stacy: Congrats you two! Now I have another labour to deal with. (runs out the room)

Pink: (calls out to her) See ya.

Blue: Yeeeaaaaah, I think I need to get my ears done. (walks out the room with his ears still bleeding)

Pink: (laughs nervously) Yeah. You do that.

(Back at Blue's house, Blink is outside waiting. Indigo comes out and sits with him)

Indigo: Blue just called. They'll be back any moment now.

Blink: (long gasp) (squeals) I'm so excited!

Indigo: (pats his head) I can tell you are!

Navy: Hey look! There they are!

(Blue's car shows up)

Blue: We're home!

Blink: (gasps) Where's my sibling?!

Navy: Yeah, and is he a boy? We could be the cool brother trio!

Pink: (kneels down with the baby in her arms) She's right here.

Blink: (gasps) It's a girl!

(Lavender touches Blink's nose.)

Blink: She's so cute!

Navy: It's a girl? (slight pause) NOO! Now I can't live like a man because I have to look after a girl! (walks inside)

Blue: I think she's already starting to like you Blink.

Pink: Lavender, meet your big brother, Blink.

Lavender: (crawls and hugs Blink)

Blink: Hi Lavender... (hugs her back)

Pink: I think you two will get along just fine.

Indigo: Uhh Blue, what's with the ea-

Blue: Don't even ask.




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