Blink of an Eye
Blink Runs Away
They don't love me anymore!
Air date February 2, 2014.
Written by YoshiRocker13, CookieEyes
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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You saw the story of how Blink met Fox, now it's time to see how Blink met his second babysitter: Indigo. When Blink runs away from home, Indigo thinks he is a lost boy and decides to take care of him.


  • Blink (NOT James)
  • Indigo
  • Blue (semi-antagonist until the middle)
  • Pink (semi-antagonist until the middle)

Minor Characters


Blue: (makes dinner) Guys! Dinner's ready!

Pink: Coming Blue!

Blink: Yay! Pizza time! (runs downstairs)

(Pink and Blink arrive at the table, Blink looks down at his dinner and frowns)

Blink: (upset) Daddy, Mommy, I thought you said we were having Pizza for dinner tonight!

Blue: We get our money tomorrow Blink, tonight we'll be having Vegetables.

Blink: What's money?

Blue: Uh, money is, (thinks about what he's going to say) Uh never mind. We'll just have pizza tomorrow.

Blink: AWWW!

Pink: It's only one more day, Blink. Just be patient.

Blink: Do I have to!?

Blue: Hey! Don't talk back your mother like that! We just said when we get money tomorrow, we'll order pizza!

Blink: Can I at least know what money is?

Blue: (sighs) Alright.


Blink: Ooohhh... Well can we PLEASE order pizza!?

Blue; Blink, just eat your vegetables!

Blink: (whines) But I've been eating this for 2 days in a row!

Blue: Blink! (Blink becomes upset that he throws his plate across the room and breaks)

Blink: (gasps) Oh no! I didn't know it was going to break!


Pink: Go to your room, Blink!

Blink: But I didn't kno-

Blue: NO EXCUSE! Go to your room! NOW!

(Blink sadly walks upstairs to his room)

Blue: Augh! (gets a broom to clean the mess) Honestly, it's just one more day! (throws the mess in the bin angrily)

Pink: (sighs) Well, he's only a kid. They're pretty impatient these days...

(Blink lies sadly in his room)

Blink: If it was going to break, they could have just told me! I didn't mean to break it! (calls out) I'm sorry I broke the plate!

(Blue ignores Blink and continues cleaning. Pink looks upstairs, shows a small frown and goes back to helping Blue)

Blink: They, didn't respond? (worries) Do they not love me??? (teary) Maybe they don't love me! Maybe they'd be happy if I just left. (climbs outside his window and runs off) Why rain? Why now!? (cries as rain drops on him)

(shows Indigo waiting for a bus)

Indigo: (groans) Come on. (checking her watch) I'm gonna be late for the rerun of the new MLP episode. I forgot to DVR it!

(Blink sits next to the bench Indigo was sitting on. Blink cries quietly)

Indigo: Huh? (notices him) Are you lost, little boy?

Blink: Uhh, (looks up at Indigo) I'm a lost orphan. My parents died! (hugs Indigo's legs and cries)

Indigo: Oh... (hugs Blink) I'm so sorry.

Blink: (speaks in his head) I have an idea! (speaks to Indigo) Um, could you take care of me nice lady?

Indigo: Oh sure! I was just going home anyway. Plus, I have a guest room you can sleep in.

Blink: (hugs her) Thank you.

(back to Blue's house)

(Blue walks in Blink's room with a box of pizza)

Blue: Blink, are you in here? I just wanted to say I'm sorry for yelling at you, as well as your mother. I know, you didn't mean to- (notices) Uh, Blink? (looks around) Blink!? (notices the window is open) Oh no... (Pink walks in)

Pink: What is it? Where's Blink?

Blue: Pink, (turns to her) I think Blink ran away.

Pink: What?!

Blue: Why would he- (realises) Oh... I think I know why he ran away.

Pink: (realises also) Oh yeah... I guess we were a bit harsh on him. And I know he didn't know it was going to break...

Blue: Come on, we better go find him!

(to Indigo's house)

Indigo: So what's your name little boy?

Blink: My name is uhh..... James! James...

Indigo: That's a nice name. My boyfriend's parents were originally going to name him James, but for some reason they changed it.

Blink: Huh, interesting.

(Auburn walks in)

Auburn: Hey Indi, I was just wondering if you've seen my-- (sees Blink) ...Who's that?

Indigo: This is James. He's an orphan I picked up at the bus stop.

Blink: (waves) Hi!

Auburn: Uhh, hey.

(goes back to Blue and Pink searching for Blink in the city)

Blue: Blink! Please come out! We're sorry we yelled at you!

Pink: Blink! Please come home! (sighs) How are we going to find him!?

Blue: Let's go ask our friends. Maybe they know.

(Blue begins asking his friends in a montage)

Red: Nope.

Rapper: Fuck no.

Lord Tourettes: Who the FUCK is Blink?

Stacy: Blink? Like Blink of an eye?

Raccoon: Negative Brue-san.

Broseph: Nah bro-bro. Never heard of the dude.

Trollz0r: (Y U No Face) Me no good with kids man.

Mr. Dingleberry: Eeh, who's Blink?

Ryle: No shit nigga.

Spark: Nada.

Shawn: Absolutely not.

Damon: Negatory.

Wolf: Fuck no, why the hell would I? (shoots a kid off-screen)

Fox: I'm sorry about Blink Blue, but I haven't seen him.

Blue: (sighs) Okay.

(shows Pink asking her friends in a montage)

Madelene: I'm sorry, I haven't.

Midnight Blaze: Nah, I haven't seen this kid.

Wednesday: Nope.

Darla: I'm a universe traveler, not a psychic.

Kari: Silly billy! You blink ALL the time! You do it with your eyes, see? (starts rapidly blinking her eyes)

Fresko: Meow. (Translation: Why would you ask a cat who can't speak?)

Pink: (sighs) That was a waste of time.

Blue: Don't worry Pink, there's still one more girl to ask.

(Indigo is lying on her bed resting, Blink jumps in and hops onto Indigo's legs)

Blink: Gotcha! (tickles her feet)

Indigo: (giggles) Boy! Your so hypo!

(Indigo hears the door ring and goes to answer it)

Indigo: Hello?

Blue: Hey Indigo, it's us.

(Blink hears Blue's voice and hides under Indigo's bed)

Indigo: Oh hi guys. What's up?

Blue: Have you seen a young boy named Blink?

Indigo: No I haven't. I'm taking care of this one young boy I found, but his name's not Blink.

Blue: Oh... I see, well come on Pink, let's keep looking for Blink.

Pink: (sighs) Okay...

(to Blink in Indigo's room)

Blink: (whispers to himself) Their looking for me? But I thought they were mad at me...

Indigo: (comes back in her room) Boy. I sure hope they find him soon.

(Blink begins having a imagination sequence)

Blue: Pink, if we couldn't find Blink. (smiles) We might as well forget about him.

Pink: (grins) Yeah!

(Thoughts end)

Blink: NOOO! (cries)

Indigo: Huh?! What's wrong, James?!

Blink: (sighs) Indigo, there's something I have to confess to you...

Indigo: What is i-? (pauses) You're Blink, aren't you?

Blink: YES! (cries on her arm) But there's a reason why!

Indigo: Why?

Blink: Okay, well I accidentally broke a plate which I didn't know would break! Then Mommy and Daddy yelled at me! I tried to apologise but they ignored me! So I wanted to run away...

Indigo: Well, knowing kids around your age, I can see why you would immediately think about running away.

Blink: So I'm gonna go back home! Indy, thank you for taking care of me. I hope you become my babysitter one day! (jumps up and kisses her cheek before running out her door)

Indigo: (waves while smiling cheerfully) Buh-bye!

Blink: (off-screen) Bye!

Indigo: (to herself) What a nice boy.

(Blue and Pink head back home)

Blue: (sighs) Pink, I think we'll have to look for Blink tomorrow. If we don't find him I don't know what we're going to do.

(Pink cries softly in Blue's arm)

Pink: Why did we ignore him? (sniffs)

Blink: (from really far away) Daddy!

Blue: (pops head up) Did you hear that?

(Blink's voice gets closer)

Blink: Mommy!

Pink: Blink?!

(they see a small black figure approaching them in the dark)

Blue: Is that-!?

(the figure runs out and is revealed to be Blink)

Blink: Daddy! Mommy!

Blue: Blink? (gasps) Blink!

Pink: Oh my God! He's okay!

Blue: Blink! (runs towards him)

(Pink follows Blue)

(Blink reaches Blue and Pink as they both hug him tightly)

Blink: I missed you two!

Blue: We missed you too!

Pink: Please never run away again!

Blink: But I thought you guys didn't love me anymore!

Blue: We DO love you! And we're sorry for ignoring you.

Blink: Really???

Pink: Yes!

Blink: Yay.

Blue: (to Blink and Pink) Come on, let's go home.

Blink: Okay! (follows Blue and Pink home. He then looks behind him) Thanks Indigo.



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