Bloodlust detailed
Saigron's Sword


Saigron's Spirit


Draws in power and knowledge


Drains energy on contact

The Sword of and for Saigron only. It was created the day he was made into form by pullinging it out from himself. It contains as much evil and darkness as Saigron making it the most deadliest weapon in the DF universe. It drains energy and absorbs lives, powers, and knowledge from those who die from it's blade. It's name describes it for the lives it has hungrily taken and corrupted for it's master.

The beings it absorbs are placed into a wall made of others that fell to the blade inside of it. All who are trapped inside become weak and mortal only to wait to be summoned by Saigron to serve him when he chooses. For the time being, they are exposed to all kinds of pain and relive their most fearful events of life as the inside of Bloodlust becomes their own state of hell.

Bloodlust Facts

  • Absorbs life, knowledge, and power from it's victims.
  • Able to cut through light covering areas into darkness.
  • Extends it's blade to further lengths.
  • Drains energy from victim even through the contact of the victims weapon when struck or clashed together.
  • Easily cuts through any person down to the very soul.
  • Gap in the middle is used to trap victims weapon.
  • Able to levitate and fight on it's own.
  • Traps, corrupts, and summons the souls it has taken to fight for it's master.
  • Same impossible strengths as it's master.
  • Creates a large deadly sphere of darkness around him when struck in the ground.
  • Shoots out a deadly devestating blast of thick red energy.
  • Since Saigron can never be killed by any one person, neither can Bloodlust.
  • Made of Saigrons own soul.
  • Controls who ever has their blood shed on it's blade.
  • Corrupts who ever tries to wield it.
  • Becomes impossible to handle to anyone else but Sairgon.
  • Becomes part of Saigron in Bloodthirst.

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