Blossom is a fiction character on the Dick Figures Fanon. Blossom is a fun around adventure person who is kind of like Red, Blossom like to go out for mission on her own. Blossom have a lot of energy then her friend. In the story called 'How We Met,' Blossom is shown that she was helpful and well... if you read the story, then you will find out.

Back Then

When she was young, she didn't have much hair in the back, but in the front. She also wear short because her mom made her, of course she was really different from the rest girl now. Blossom wanted to be a good fighter, but sadly her mom wouldn't let her because...

  • It was dangerous
  • It was hurtful
  • No reason to fight
  • Can kill someone
  • Get in trouble
  • Someone can get hurtful
  • Someone might to the same thing

Blossom didn't like what her mother said about those rule and her mother wouldn't let her to be a fighter at her. Blossom still wanted to be a fighter after all. Her father think that she can follow her dream, but he didn't know that she want to be a fighter at all. He thought that she want to be a worker, waiter, or a teacher. The reason why Blossom want to be a fighter is because...

  • So she can protest herself
  • Somehow it look fun
  • Challenge people
  • Feel safe
  • Protect people

Later on, her parents let her go to school and let her be teach by teacher of course, she was in 1st grade to start her school, so she didn't want to be in school really. Later on in her school, her met Heather, Mari, Joey, Laura, Steven and some other friends she met.


  • Fire blow
  • Ice Run
  • Kick fire
  • Punch fire
  • Lightening ball
  • Light Speed
  • Jump Hammer
  • Growing wings to fly fast


  • Laura

She is a best friend of Laura. They go around place to place. Laura sometime be disappointed in Blossom because of the trouble that she made all her year. Laura and Blossom live together and also have a nice future house. Sometime Blossom make a mess of herself and sometime doesn't clean up, making Laura cleaning it all by herself, and maybe her friends.

Heather love to mess around with Blossom, they go to random party that they were invited. Heather make funny joke to Blossom, Heather tell her what it was like in the past when they were teen and kids.

Blossom know that Mari doesn't have fun much and sometime Mari just want to bite Blossom everything that she would said about her or act like her. Mari growls sometime at her, showing her that she is being annoying.

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