Blue 65
Season 1, Episode 1
1. Blue 65
Air date 6/24/13
Directed by IONIXMUSIC
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Blue finds his doppelganger at a sweet lesbo party, and everything goes downhill from there.


  • Blue
  • Red
  • Lesbians
  • Auto-Tune Bee
  • Stacy
  • Blue2


(The episode opens with the bee flying in front of the MaulMart.)

Auto-Tune Bee: Season Omega, Motherfucker!

(Cut to Red and Blue hanging out in the apartment.)

Red: Uuuuuugh, I'm bored as fuck!

Blue: Calm down dude, that sleeping medicine will start taking affect in about...

(Shows clock ticking at an incredibly slow pace.)

Blue: 30 minutes.

Red: (groans) That's too looooooong!

Blue (in head): Just like my dick.

Blue's crotch: Bro. Not cool.

(Door rings as Blue is cutting vegetables. Blue walks over to the door and opens it.)

Stacy: Sup, Bitch. Where's Red?

Blue: Uh, Red is...

(Cut to Red spasming in his bedroom, back to Blue.)

Blue: Fine. Nothing to worry about.

Stacy: Whatever. Call me when he has a boner.

(Blue slowly closes the door.)

Blue: Red... Do you have a boner? Not to sound gay or anything...

(Red jumps on Blue, stoned.)

Red: Haha! Dude! I'm rock hard. For...that knife. (Red takes the knife.)

Red: So shiny...(Stabs himself in the face, blood spurting everywhere.)

Blue: Dude what the hell?! That was the last clean knife!!

Red: HAHHAHAHAHA! (Goes quiet.) Hey... could I have an ounce? 

(Awkward silence.)

Blue: Dude. You need help.

(Cut to the LEZ building with a "Blues Only" sign.)

Lesbian: Hey girls, let's play spin the bottle!

All lesbians: YEAH!

(Pan to the door slamming open, revealing another Blue.)

Blue2: Sup lesbianas. Who's ready to ponerte manos a la?

(All the lesbians cheer and start making out with Blue2. Cut to Red looking out a window.)

Red (holding binoculars, stoned): Dude, I think why are you over there?

Blue: What? (Red hands the binoculars to Blue) Oh my god! We need to get to that building!

Red: But I cant go! It says Blues Only.

Blue: Oh. Sorry man, but your gonna have to sit this one out!

Red: Okay whatevs.

(Cut to Blue running towards the building, busting the doors open)

Lesbian: Hey, look! It's another bl-(Blue puts his hand on her mouth.)

Blue: Hey, douche! There's only room for one blue guy in this town and thats me!

Blue2: O RLY? Well, thats suprising. Considering that I'm actually...

(He zips down a zipper to reveal that he's...)

???: BROSEPH!!

Lesbians and Blue: *GAAAASP*!

Broseph: Oh yeah, bro. Check my poison-filled kunai that I'm going to kill you with. Pretty cool, huh?

Lesbian(whispering to Blue): Psst! Here's a giant dildo.

Blue: Why do I need a dild-( Sword come out of the tip, silence.) Oh.

Broseph: Haha! Do you like to play with dicks, Blue? I bet you do! HAHHHAHH-

(Blue cuts him in half with one slice, exposing his entrails.)

Lesbians: Yay! Dinner party, woo!

(Red slams the door open.)

Red: Who's ready to PAR-TAY?

Lesbian: Dude, this is an all blue party.

Red: Not a problem! (Red takes some blue spray paint and sprays himself, proceeding to make out with the lesbians.)

Blue: Okay then. (Cuts to outside the building to show a liquid coming out the doorway, forming a body.)

Ghost Broseph: Dundun-Dun-Dundun. Dundun-Dun-Dundun. DUNDUN-DUN-DUNDUN.


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