Booze Cruise
Air date 3-22-14
Written by AndrewBrauer, Mdkid663, & Naiahn
Directed by AndrewBrauer
Set in Daytime
Location Cruise Ship & Deserted Island
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 Eleven and Emma take a booze cruise to places unknown, along for the ride they see some new faces.



(Eleven was killing and shooting Gang Members with machine guns)

Eleven: .....!

(Emma grabs Eleven's arm and takes him onto a cruise ship)

Emma: You wanna go on a booze cruise?

Eleven: ..... (shrugs)

(They end up on the bar on the boat and Emma orders tequila shots)

Emma: Let's drink!

(Eleven shrugs and drinks one glass of tequila)

Emma; (Burps) That's fun! (Notices Z.E.N and Katie) Wonder what those two are up to?

Z.E.N: Ok, Keep the beer bottle steady! (Puts it on katies head)

Katie: This isnt a good idea.

Emma: (Takes two shots of Tequila) That looks fun!

Z.E.N: Shut up pussy! (Holds a shot gun and shoots the bottle, Katie is stunned)

Emma: (To Eleven) Try it on me! (Puts a shot glass on her head)

(Eleven spews out a revolver and shoots the glass on Emma's head)

Emma: Nice!

Katie: (Looks over at Emma and Eleven) What are you guys doing here?

Z.E.N: Ditto.

Emma: Getting drunk! Where is this cruise going?

Z.E.N: It's heading toward a deadly island with lots of villains and killer cyborgs!

Katie: WHAT?

Emma: (Shocked) Oh shit.

Z.E.N: I may have rerouted the ship.


Emma: Can we route it to somewhere like Hawaii?

Eleven: ..!!.!!.!!! (Heads over to the captain)

Z.E.N: Oh I shot the captain and there is no rerouting it... I locked the destination.

Katie: (Face palms) Oh my god!

Emma: Know anyone who can ride a cruise ship?

Eleven: ...… (Walks away)

Jazz: (Hops onto Z.E.N's leg) Hi ya cocks!


Emma: Hey! Who's the little girl?

Z.E.N: My adopted acquaintance.

Jazz: Lets all fuck! Group fuck!

Emma: I'm hoping we can go somewhere beautiful.

Jazz: Oh! I can take us!

Z.E.N: Well she is a hacker...…

Jazz: (Hops into the captains chamber and starts to reroute the ship)

Emma: Seriously, a little girl like that?

Z.E.N: When she has a acquaintance like me, she has to know these things.

Captains Computer: Reroute complete. destination: hawaii.

Jazz: Weeeeee! I hope we see pusses!!

Emma: Yes! Let's celebrate! (Pops open a bottle of champagne)

Katie: Woooo!

Emma: (Looks for Eleven) Where are you?

(Eleven walks over to a girl)

Jazz: Hi ya cock! (Waves at eleven) You wanna fuck?

Emma: There you are? (Pulls Eleven away from the girl) We're all good now!

Jazz: (Gives sad puppy eyes) I don't get a fuck? (Eyes well up with tears)

Katie: Uh oh.

Z.E.N: Uhhhhh they love fucks! Give them lots!

Jazz: (Smiles) YAY! (hugs Eleven then hugs Emma)

Emma: Why don't we end this booze cruise with a happy ending? (Goes into Eleven's legs and feels his dick)

Eleven: …!?

Jazz: Whats she doing?

Katie: (Covers Jazz's eyes) Uhmmm…

Emma: (To Jazz) It's called sex you little whore!

Jazz: What's sex?

Z.E.N: Chocolate.

Katie: Z.E.N!!!!

Z.E.N: What?!

Emma: That's if you think taking a shit on someone's face is sexy.

Katie: Her mind is already messed up!

Jazz: (Points at Emma) I think that cock is very slutty! (giggles)

(Z.E.N laughs and Eleven face palms)

Emma: Are you talking about my cock or his? (Points to Eleven)

Jazz: You all are cocks! (smiles innocently)

Emma: Anyways. (Bends down and proceeds to suck Eleven's large dick)

Z.E.N: Oh my god too much affection! (Covers her eyes and goes out on the deck)

Katie: (Picks up Jazz) In public?

Emma: Yes, now go away your ruining the magic!

Eleven: .... (enjoys)

(Katie takes jazz outside)

Jazz: i want the sex! (Pouts) I bet its yummy!

Katie: Z.E.N has ruined you.

(Suddenly a leak is shown under the boat and it gets larger with more water hitting under the ship)


Katie: NO!

Jazz: Weeeeeeee!

(While sucking Eleven's dick, Emma is thrown by the ship onto a wall with Eleven)

Emma: That was exciting!


(Katie face palms)

Emma: (To Eleven) We better go, this is the climax of everything. (Runs to the ships deck with everyone else)

(Eleven follows Emma)

Katie: (Leans over the deck looking at the hole in the ship) WHOA! Are you sure you didn't do that Z.E.N?!

Z.E.N: Ok i might have left some C-4 down there…

Katie: YOU, BITCH!

Emma: Maybe there's emergency boats to get us out of here. (sees that all the emergency boats are gone) Shit!

(Eleven is still fapping until he/she shoots out a load of cum at Emma)


Emma: So now you let off!

(The ship continues to sink and shoot upward Titanic style, as Eleven goes underwater and lifts up the entire cruise)

Emma: (While holding onto a pole) What are you doing!?


(Eleven lands the cruise on a nearby island)

Emma: So what now? (Notices the island) Wow! We're in paradise!

(Eleven tries to walk away from Emma before she notices him/her)

Emma: (Notices Eleven walking away) Hey! Where are you going!?

Z.E.N: Oh god, There might be nothing to kill!!! (Falls to her knees) WE ARE IN HELL!!

Jazz: (plays in the sand)

Katie: How are we saposed to get home?!

Emma: Don't know, my fuck buddy just left.

(Eleven points to a boat heading to America)

Z.E.N: Wow, that was ironically convenient.

Emma: Well there we go, there's a boat over there.

Katie: Seriously (Waves at the boat) HEY! OVER HERE!

Emma: I think they're coming.

(Eleven throws Katie, Emma and Jazz to the boat and is about to throw Z.E.N)

Z.E.N: You fucking touch me, and I'll murder you in your sleep! I'll get there myself!

Mdkid663: Yeah well I posted a pic of you kissing Ryle on deviantart!


Emma: (To Z.E.N) Want me to help you up?

Z.E.N: Nuh uh, No touchy (Gets out a grappling hook, hooks onto the boat and climbs up) See? I'm fine.

(The rope to the grappling hook suddenly breaks)

Emma: What the fuck? How much have you used that grappling hook?

Z.E.N: (Holds onto the boats edge and jumps her way up to the deck) Lot's, To get out of people helping and touching me.

Emma; That was close, (To Eleven down below) Now your turn!

(Eleven swims underwater and climbs to the deck of the boat)

Emma: Alright, let's head on home!

(The boat heads back to america)

Katie: Woo! Home sweet home!

Emma: We should do that again sometime.

Katie: Ya!

Z.E.N: No, I didn't get to kill anything!

Emma: (To Eleven) What about you?

(Katie cautiously covers her ass as Z.E.N laughs and Eleven points to a crowd of people for him/her and Z.E.N to kill)

Emma: Go ahead and do your killings.

Z.E.N: YES!! (Runs and starts to mutilate the crowd of people)

katie: Eww gross!

(Eleven starts to mutilate the crowd also)

Emma: Now that's a decent happy ending!

The End


  • 1/5 Unicorn Barf!
  • 2/5 It was like Meh.
  • 3/5 I guess it was... pretty good.
  • 4/5 This is like crazy right?

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