Jesse takes her controller and puts on her headphones

Jesse: Hell yeah! School's on break. I can finally do whatever I want!

50 kill combo

Jesse: It's good to be back.

A few minutes later Jesse is spawn killing Red

Jesse: Hey Red. Having trouble spawning there, pal?

Red disconnected from the game

Jesse: I guess I'm expecting a guest.

Red barges in Jesse's house and shoots at her, but she quickly dodged.

Red: I thought you're in college?! Now I'm not the highest scorer anymore!

Jesse: Are you gonna cry about it?

Red: What? No.


Jesse: Well?

Red: Well what?

Jesse: Are you not leaving?

Red eyes Jesse suspiciously and leaves.

Jesse: (thinking) That went well

Jesse: (Checks her watch) Better go to my job.

At Maulmart

Jesse: (thinking) Oh shit look at all the new games they have! (Takes out her External Hard Drive and puts it in the computer) I better get them. (scrolls down) Oh hey, Pokemon X and Y!

Big explosion outside

Jesse: What the hell?

Jesse goes outside to see Red shooting random people

Jesse: Oh wow

Jesse finds Blue sitting down on a bench bored

Jesse: What the hell happened to Red?

Blue: Oh he's pissed that you beat his high score and now he can't beat it.


Jesse turns around

Red: I challenge you to a duel.

Jesse: Bring it.

Red: If I win, you can't beat my score ever again.

Jesse: And if I win, you can never play my game ever again.

Red: Fine.

They ended up playing in the middle of Maulmart and a lot of people start watching. Jesse won.

Red: (Drops his controller) I CALL HACKS

Jesse: I win. That means you can't play my game ever again.

Red: (Aims his gun at Jesse) Fuck you (shoots)

Bullet runs past Jesse

Jesse: You have to do better than that.


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