Bro is a 4 year old snow dog that give letter out to people from the snow place. Later, his family was killed because of the people needed more fur, he ran away but with his wing flew off and never came back.

Bro try to look for food then pass out because of the snow was getting stronger. Later on, he gets up and continue to look for food. Luckily, he was eat the snow because it form to water. He would use her nose the help him if there was anything.

Later, he start to train himself to be a good fighter, that what he think that could let him find something to eat. As he went to the town the people saw him with the hurt and pain he is now. Later, someone get him to a vet and try to take care of him. They gave him a lot of food and drink to keep him all.

The people started to noticed to wing of him. Later, the other pet didn't like him, so they made sound and nosy making. Bro decide that he can't be at the vet so he flew off with his wing.

He went back to his giving letter and other with the snow. Later on, he didn't know where to do now. But later, he saw Burn and they became friends later and move on to their way. Bro can talk, but not really much.


Bro have the same power as Burn. Bro doesn't use it much, but he know what he's doing. Bro use his power and ability for good. He doesn't have any dark energy inside of him since he's young.


Burn have found him and notice he was alone. Burn can understand what Bro have to say and he wasn't happy about that. Burn also share his story and said they can stay together if he want. Bro want to, to be safe since he was young.

Bro like Froze since he look like Burn in a cold way. Bro love to mess with him and how they do.

They both look the same, so sometime they thought it's a mirror of themselves and mess around but sometime bump themselves and laugh.

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