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Bruce's Street

Home of:

Bruce and his Gang


No one


Lots of Episodes

This is the street where Bruce and his Gang live. This is usually known as their 'private' home, but isn't really since most people like Rapper would burst in. Bruce and his Gang live here because it was really the only place they could stay. Plus it was in a dark area so not a lot of people would come here. The one who would mostly come to visit is Fifi, since she became Bruce's 'taco' which annoys the other members.

Like many people, Bruce and his Gang would keep their things in their street. Mostly they would just steal it from shops and hide it in their dark street where no one would be able to find it. Bruce and his Gang will also try to kidnap any girl who walks by their street so the Gang Members can get a girl like Bruce has Fifi. But if it were anyone else, they would either stay out or die.

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