Burn is a fiction animal character in this Dick Figures Fanon. Burn also can talk to other, but people can get freak out and run away from him as they think that he was going to kill them which not. Even he is half fox and half wolf, people think he's dangerous and not safe being around him all the time.

Burn mostly live where other people live in. People call the animal control or the pound to get him out of the town. He didn't go to one of them because they are no match to him. Burn also have wings to fly around and go place to place. He also have a lot of fur to keep him warm.

Social Life

Burn doesn't do anything much as nothing surprise him a lot. Burn doesn't eat much, doesn't run around much, he's not like a dog much. People think he live in the wild or something, but he's not like some wild animal. He is gentle to people and nice, but the people would be in their house then get eat by him they said.

Burn sometime love to fly because it make him forget about what people about him. He would sometime wash himself but some waterfall he can find. He have to mostly take care of himself. But h get help from he other friend like him.


  • Run around with his friend sometime
  • Can talk
  • Can fly
  • Sleep on rooftop
  • Try to protest other
  • Don't eat much
  • Jumping around
  • Climb tree
  • Not like a dog
  • Love people
  • Can turn into 4 type of season (Winter, Fall, Summer, Spring)
  • Love music
  • Don't use ability much


Burn have the same ability and power as Amaterasu in the game. He have a Celestial Brush and have every type. Burn was also Burn train and other. With the Celestial Brush, Burn can protest the land and other that come with evil. Also have the power like Oki.

Dark Power

Can be like the Ninetail. Burn would grow heavy wings and also grow more fur. Burn would also wear a Mack over his face so no one notice him. His fur would turn into dark red and dark blue.


Burn is glad that Bro is not alone and they are together. They also do pranks on people which make the laugh hard.

When Burn first saw Froze, he was surprise because they look the same, not the color. Also, they same power and ability. They were cool friends.

Cone sometime ask Burn some question and he would try to answer. Cone also know the Burn look like Froze and Cone it's funny. He think Burn is a good friend.