Captain Crimson and Co-Captain Cerulean

This will be a good timing for the Captains to do their Underwater Missions.


Co-Captain Cerulean and Captain Crimson (Lifty and Shifty)

Samama (Angel)

Shiny Magikarp (but later evolves into a Shiny Gyarados)


Liftelle and Shiftette (Female Versions of Lifty and Shifty)


Lifty- Wow. First Underwater mission. Am I right??

Shifty- Yar!! Indeed, Matey!!!!

Lifty- And by the way, how come you like being a pirate?? Don't you get seasick??

Shifty- I have an Eye patch.

Lifty- It's because you got a black eye.

Shifty- Who cares?! And no!! I'm not seasick!!! HOGWASH!!! (Throws up) [Normal Voice] That's just how I sneeze... [Pirate Voice] Ahoy, Wenches!!! Blast due southward!!

Wenches- Aye Aye, Captain Crimson.

Samama- (Approaches Lifty with a drink) Diet coke, Co-Captain Cerulean. Just for you.....

Lifty- (Holds Drink) Oh!! Thx....

Samama- No Prob. (Walks off)

Lifty- Wow. The girl's nice. (Drinks it) [Thinking] The girl makes a good drink. Does this thing have-- Oh shit. It has love.... [Thinking ends]

Shifty- Arr!! Our mission is to find a Shiny Gyarados. Only to let the Intern capture it.

Samama (Offscreen)- That's me!!

Lifty- And how are we gonna find it??

(Shifty shows a fishing pool called a Good Rod with a worm on it's hook)

Lifty- Of course...

Shifty- (casting the line into the water) And now, we wait for it for a couple of minutes. (Peeks into Binoculars) HELL NO!!! Off the Starbucks bow!!!! (A ship full of woman approaches. The captain is Shiftette and the co-captain is Liftelle. They are both female versions of Lifty and Shifty.) Shit, It's Captain Magenta and Co-Captain Violet... [Pirate Voice] AVAST YE, SCRVY BITCHES!!!!

Shiftette- Avast ye, Fuck-Nuts. You're in our waters. NOW GIVE US YOUR GOLD!!!

Shifty- You're in OUR waters. NOW SHOW US YOUR BOOBS!!!!!

Shiftette- Nay, hand over your plunder.

Shifty- Nay, Reveal your teats.

Shiftette- Fork up the doubloons.

Shifty- Let fly your melons.

Shiftette- Give us the loot.

Shifty- Gonzangas!!!!!

Shiftette- Never!!!!!

Shifty- (to the wenches and Samama) FIRE!!!!

Samama- Alright, girls!!! DO IT!!!!!

(Both Ships exchanges fire and Liftelle and Shiftette's ship sinks)

Shifty- AHAHAHAHA!!!!! Now what's they get. Good work on the leadering, Intern!!!

Samama- Thx, Captian!!

Lifty- Holy shit, Dude!!! Did you kill our ex-girlfriends?!

Shifty- Maybe... But it might attract the Gyarados to us. They can smell blood...

(Ships shows. The line was being pulled.)

Shifty- Gyarados!!

Lifty- Gyarados??

Samama- It's finally came!!

(A Shiny Magikarp was shown on the hook, flapping like a fish.)

Shiny Magikarp- Kaarp!!! KARP!!!!

Shifty- Tis just a Magikarp.

Lifty- A Shiny one to be exact.

Shiny Magikarp- KARP!!!

Samama- Well, at least it'll still evolve sooner or later. You can say, the longest hour.

(The Shiny Magikarp falls onto the deck and evolves into a Shiny Gyarados. The Shiny Gyarados roasts loud and Lifty, Shifty and Samama starts screaming.)

Samama- IT EVOLVED!!!!!

Lifty and Shifty- This is our chance!!!

Samama- Now!!!

(Shifty's tail turns all iron and hits Shiny Gyarados with it, making it roar. Lifty pulls a string for an anchor, which hits the Shiny Gyarados into the water. And finally, Samama throws a Pokeball at it, capturing it. The Shiny Gyarados's pokeball wiggles 3 times and stops. Lifty grabs the pokeball out of the water and gives it to Samama).

Samama- Thx, guys!! I guess our mission is accomplished. Now can we go home??


Lifty and Samama- What??

Shifty- Wenches, more Diet cokes and sparkling waters!!! (Grabs Lifty's diet coke and drinks it)

Lifty- Hey!! That's mine!!

Samama- Yeah!! I made that special for Lifty-San, Dammit!!!

Shifty- 🎶Evacuate the dance flo--🎶

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