About Carrie

Carrie is a main character in the Dick Figures series. She is an 18 year old girl who is best friends with Pink and is always in a nice mood. She does smoke a lot and sometimes she even smokes weed. Carrie does not like Red and she thinks Stacy is a huge slut.


  • According to PinkBoy (the guy who created Carrie), she is based off of a real girl at his school who smokes too much weed.
  • The only time Carrie died was when Red shot her in the eye because she called Red "a dumbass".
  • It should be noted that Carrie is a stoner.
  • Her gamer tag is "TheStonerGirl" on Flame War.
  • She is planned to be seen in Dick Figures: Fanons Unite.
  • At one point, Blue had a crush on Carrie. Pink got really pissed off about this so Carrie and Pink stopped being friends for a short time. But they are good friends now.
  • Her favorite thing to smoke is a cigar.
  • Her weapon of choice is a shotgun.
  • Carrie has the same score as Pink in Flame War.


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