Your looking good.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Species Human
Status Alive
Friends Alice, and Molly (Possibly)
Enemies None
Sexual Orientation Heterosexual
Nationality American
Known for TBA
Date of birth TBA
Date of death TBA
Cause of death TBA
Weapon of choice TBA
favorite game TBA
Color Sky Blue
Hair Color Sky Blue
Eye Color Sky Blue
IQ Average
Height TBA
Weight TBA
Girlfriend(s) TBA
Appearances But I...
Likes TBA
Voice Actor Skylar Astin
Accent American
Hobbies TBA
Times dead 0

Chad is a supporting character in Lightshow, his debut was in But I... where he helped Alice when she fell off a blacony from a nightclub, and the two went back to his place to have wild sex. It may be possible that he'll be a boyfriend to Alice, but it's not confirmed yet.


Not much is known about Chad yet, but he does like to wear a baseball hat frontwards, and enjoys having fun as when he saved Alice, he was coming out of the nightclub. More will be revealed about him in later seasons of Lightshow.


  • Possible love interest for Alice
  • Wears a baseball hat frontwards.
  • Likes to have fun.
  • Good hearted.

Friends Met


So far, Alice is really considered Chad's only friend so far, and later on in the series, Chad could become a possible love interest for Alice.

Enemies Met


Chad's Voice

Voice of Jess from Pitch Perfect.

Pitch Perfect (2012) Extended Scene -Radio Station-02:50

Pitch Perfect (2012) Extended Scene -Radio Station-


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