Chad is a supporting character in Lightshow, his debut was in But I... where he helped Alice when she fell off a blacony from a nightclub, and the two went back to his place to have wild sex. It may be possible that he'll be a boyfriend to Alice, but it's not confirmed yet.


Not much is known about Chad yet, but he does like to wear a baseball hat frontwards, and enjoys having fun as when he saved Alice, he was coming out of the nightclub. More will be revealed about him in later seasons of Lightshow.


  • Possible love interest for Alice
  • Wears a baseball hat frontwards.
  • Likes to have fun.
  • Good hearted.

Friends Met


So far, Alice is really considered Chad's only friend so far, and later on in the series, Chad could become a possible love interest for Alice.

Enemies Met


Chad's Voice

Voice of Jess from Pitch Perfect.

Pitch Perfect (2012) Extended Scene -Radio Station-

Pitch Perfect (2012) Extended Scene -Radio Station-