Chartreuse "Charlie"
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Red, Blue, Pink, Stacy, Lord Tourettes, Blink, Tracy (a.k.a Fat Ugly Girl) and Olive


Bruce, and Broseph


Charlie (Everyone calls him)





Times Dead


Voiced By

Chris Pine

Chartreuse, or Charlie for short, is a fictional character in the upcoming Dick Figures Fanon Series "Opposites". He is a close friends with most of the dick figures gang, as he grew up with them during school. He was especially close friends with Olive in high school, but the two went they're seperate ways when they went to college. Charlie is a charming ladies man, who works as a private doctor and plays a great wingman for his friends. Unlike Red, Chartreuse isn't into cheating or breaking someone's heart, he just enjoys sleeping with various women and doesn't want to be in a relationship, as he finds it too complicated.

Social Life

Charlie went to the same school as Red, Blue, and everyone else. He was considered the class clown, in which it impressed many girls as they found him humorous. He met Olive back in middle school and became friends. Charlie was originally friends with Red and Blue, as he helped the two find dates, he also played a great wingman for Pink and Stacy, as he was great friends with them too. Chartreuse went to college to become a doctor, as he found the job rewarding in both cash and women. After college, Chartreuse met up again with Olive, and she needed a place to stay, so they moved to the city and into the same building as Red and Blue's.

Chartreuse dislikes Broseph because he was rivals with him when it came to scoring with girls, but after Brospeh started a relationship with Wednesday, he layed off him, and didn't hate him as much.

Chartreuse finds Bruce and Fifi's relationship "stupid" and thinks the two are idiots, also he hates Bruce because he mugged Chartreuse one time for walking in Bruce's street one night, as he was beaten up and had to be taken to the hospital.

Chartreuse is often very picky about being neat, he will clean up anything and make sure it's spotless, which does annoy some people.


  • Chartreuse is a very charming ladies man, who is excellent at hooking up with ladies at the bar or club.
  • Use to be roommates with Olive in the same building back in 2010 when Red and Blue lived there as well, but in September 2013, they moved out when Chartreuse after he had enough money for his own home.
  • Uses hair gel and body spray.
  • Can be considered a neat freak.

Chartreuse's Voice

Voice of Jack Frost (White Hair) from Rise of the Guardians.

RISE OF THE GUARDIANS - Official Film Clip - "Guardians Assemble"03:40

RISE OF THE GUARDIANS - Official Film Clip - "Guardians Assemble"


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