Cherli Emerald
Green as can be.
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Nickname(s) Cheryl, Dick (dubbed by Red), Bag of Shit (dubbed by Lord Tourettes), C.E. (dubbed by Blue)
Status Alive
Friends Red, Broseph, Amethyst
Enemies Lord Tourettes
Job Student, fashion designer
Sexual Orientation Hetero
Age Same as Amethyst
Nationality United States of America
Weapon of choice Pistol, grenade and gun
Color Green
Hair Color Same as above
Eye Color Same as above
Height Same as Stacy
Weight Same as Amethyst
Boyfriend(s) Broseph
Likes Chicken wings and everything awesome
Times dead 2

Cherli Emerald is the childhood friend of Amethyst and the secondary main character.



She's a chicken wing-crazed girl who loves everything awesome. She's not your ordinary girl but she's the only one who loves pranks. She's giggly and fun-loving.


Cherli is a green stick figure with breasts and wears a skirt with sunglasses. She has long hair.



She doesn't have parents but she has a sister named Lucy.


Her childhood friends are Red, Blue, Stacy, Pink, Broseph and Amethyst.


Cherli has a crush on Broseph


She doesn't like Lord Tourettes. Same as Amethyst.

Episode Appearances

  • Lesbian's Night Out
  • Manster Squad
  • The Ex-Factor
  • Video Gamers
  • Lesbian Food
  • Two Sarcastic Girls
  • Old Dick, New Fart

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