Chick Figures (Pink and Stacy Episode)
Chick Figures
Air date 2-6-2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
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 This is the Chick Figures about Pink and Stacy, for the gender bent episode, go here.

Ever wondered what Pink & Stacy's lives were like? Well your about to find out what THEY do in their day!



(Stacy playing Flame War)

Stacy: Come on bitch! You can do better than that!

(Stacy's avatar stabs Red's avatar)

Game Announcer: Shit!

Stacy: You kiss your mouth with that mother!?

(shows Pink exiting a car outside her house)

Pink: Thanks for the great night Blue!

Blue: But of course! Anything for my beautiful lady!

Pink: (blushes and laughs) Oh you! See ya! (blows a kiss to Blue)

Blue: (catches kiss) Right on my heart baby!

(Pink enters her house and finds Stacy in her room)

Pink: Stacy!? What the hell!?

Stacy: Sup bitch? Where have you been?

Pink: On a date with Blue! And what are you doing in my house!?

Stacy: Remember last week when Wolf & Rapper visited my new house?

Pink: Yeah and?

Stacy: I think they set it on fire or something. So I decided to come live with you until I get a new dog house.

Pink: You mean a HOUSE?

Stacy: Same thing right?

Pink: What!? Not it's not!

Stacy: Really? Because my older house smelled like dog.

Pink: Why couldn't you go stay with Red!?

Stacy: Red's outta town. I heard he's going to a prostitute club.

Pink: (face palm) Oh brother. Fine! You can stay in my house!

(the night it shows Pink sleeping in her bed when she hears noises from outside)

Pink: What's that? Is that you Stacy?

(Pink sees Stacy asleep next to her)

Stacy: (mumbling in sleep) I can't make out with you Pink, I'm not drunk yet.

Pink: Ew!

(suddenly the noise gets louder and suddenly Rapper crashes through her window)


Pink: (dead scared) AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!! RAPPER!?!?!? WHAT THE FUCK!!!???

Rapper: Whoops! Sorry! Wrong house. (crashes through another window)

Pink: (calls out) Your gonna pay for that asshole! (gets back into bed and falls asleep)

(the next morning, Pink heads into the kitchen where Stacy has made 'breakfast')

Pink: (notices her breakfast) You call this breakfast?

Stacy: What? Can't we eat oysters all the time?

Pink: Uh, no! (gets out bacon and eggs) You should eat these particually types of food at breakfast. (begins eating)

Stacy: Whatever! (rubs her oysters on her face)

Pink: Eww! It's like your having sex with an actual girl! Why do you have to be such a lesbian!?

Stacy: Cuz I'm the sexiest girl in the world!

Pink: I'm pretty sure Fox was.

Stacy: Whatever! (begins eating pixie sticks)

Pink: (sigh) I'll go on a walk. (walks out of the house)

Stacy: Later bitch!

Pink: (thinks in head) Ugh! I can't stand that purple bitch another minute! (Pink bumps into Holly) Oh! Sorry Holly.

Holly: It's alright. I'm in a bad mood anyway.

Pink: Why?

Holly: I had a fight with Steve last night, he said that he's got a new upcoming job and that he says he doesn't have time for me.

Pink: Ouch. That must hurt for you. But I'm sure he still loves you.

Holly: (sighs) Yeah, he does. Why do you look so miserable?

Pink: Ugh! Stacy just literally moved into my house because her house burned down.

Holly: And why?

Pink: Long story. And Red's outta town so she can't go stay with him.

Holly: Well maybe I can help you build her house.

Pink: Really?

Holly: Yeah! I used to be a house worker.

Pink: (excited) Oh my god! Thank you Holly!

Holly: Oh you won't have to thank me until- (time cut) Now!

(shows Stacy's house completely fixed)

Pink: OMG! Thank you Holly! (hugs Holly)

Holly: Heh, okay Pink don't thank me too hard.

Stacy: Hey look! My house is alive! (runs inside)

Pink: And now I can just relax.

(Time cut, Stacy's house is burned again)

Pink: Fuck.

-Episode Ends-

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