Chick Figures Fanon Edition
Season 12 - Chick Figures Fanon Edition
"It's good to be a chick."
Air date May 17, 2014
Written by YoshiRocker13, AndrewBrauer, CookieEyes, Mdkid663, Alpha-Lonewolf
Directed by YoshiRocker13
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In this Chick Figures episode, we see what the Fanon characters would look like if they were Gender-Bent.



(Rachel was lying on her couch. Sarah walks in.)

Sarah: Rachel! There you are! What's with all the dead people in here?!

Rachel: Get over it bitch! It's my thing, okay?!

Sarah: Don't forget we have a party to go to, remember? I have to meet Harold there!

Rachel: Pfft, just go without me to meet your dick boyfriend.

Sarah: Fuck you. (walks out)

Rachel: (shoots a person outside) Give it time.

(Meanwhile at the party.)

Stephanie: (Drunk on the couch) This party is my shit!

Adam: Steph, really? We just got here!

Stephanie: Whatever, this party got started right when I got here.

(Adam faceplams)

Braseph: (comes up to Salem) Sup bro? Feelin' sexy tonight?

Salem: (blushes) S-Sexy? ...I guess so.

Braseph: (laughs) That's my boy right there. (kisses his cheek)

Stephanie: Ew! Get a room! (Throws up next to them)

Salem: S-Sorry...

Braseph: You need a chill pill, man.

Adam: STEPH!!

Lord Tourettes: You ruined my brother's FUCK moment!

Daryl: (teleports behind them) Oh! How precious~!

Braseph: Daryl. Nice of you to show up...

Daryl: Why thanks, Bro-Bro. (points somewhere off-screen) I see that your kitten showed up as well.

(Felisa meows)

Adam: That kitten who causes bad luck!? (Hides behind the couch)

Sarah: (arrives to the party) Finally! I made it! Stupid Rachel, making me be late!

Stephanie: Rachel's here! Who's gonna die now?

Rachel: (crashes through the window, as glass shards fall on Stephanie) You now bitch. (drinks)

Stephanie: Whatever, I still wanna a drink.

(Stephanie grabs another beer bottle and chugs it)

Bitch: Please bitch, I could do so much better.

Adam: (Comes out of the couch) (Deadpanned) Hey bitch.

Bitch: Hey A-DUMB! (laughs)

(Adam rolls his eyes)

Stephanie: Ha! you got served Adam! (Falls drunk on him)

Harold: Aah Sarah! There you are! Thank god you didn't miss the party.

Sarah: (seductively) Never for you my beautiful boy.

Adam: (sighs) Those two are so happy.

Bitch: Get a room you fuckers.

Adam: Bitch, shut up! (picks up a drunk Stephanie)

Bitch: Says you A-Dumb.

Stephanie: At least his name doesn't sound like a name that's true to someone. (Pukes on Bitch)

Bitch: Eww, gross!

Stephanie: (Burps more on Bitch) Now your a ratchet bitch. (Giggles)

James: (waits in the corner) Where is she?! (sighs)

Adam: Who?

James: Sakura! My newly met girlfriend?

Adam: You have a girlfriend? (Lets go of Stephanie and she falls on Bitch) Dude, that's nice. (High fives James)

Sakura: (comes in on her skateboard) Hi Jimmy poo! (kisses his cheek)

James: Sak! Please, don't talk like that in front of my friends...

Rachel: (laughs) Please Ryanna, you'd never beat me at a fight!

Ryanna: Really? (prepares to fight) Cause I was thinking of doing it right now.

(Leshawna watches and face palms.)

Leshawna: Idiots.

Stephanie: (Gets up) (To Leshawna) Why are you so down? People are fighting! Tear this shit up!

Leshawna: Ugh, fine. (grows out her claws)

Stephanie: (Eyes glow) Oh my! This is going to be fun!

(Stephanie was almost shot in the face, the women who almost shot her was none other than Danielle)

Adam: Who the fuck was that!?

Stephanie: That was exciting!

Danielle: Mind if I join?

Adam: If you don't kill anyone, then yes.

Rachel: Nah! Kills for EVERYONE!

Adam: Steph, let's get out of this. (Picks up Stephanie and they both sit on the couch)

Stephanie: So Adam, where's your little boyfriend Haze?

Adam: He's not my boyfriend, he's just a close friend alright?

Stephanie: Whatever queer. (Drinks a beer bottle)

Haze: Hey Adam. (to Stephanie) Sup Stephenie.

Adam: Hey Haze!

Stephanie: You boys gonna kiss? (Laughs)

Harold: This girl is starting to piss me off.

Sarah: Tell me about it.

Sakura: Jimmy, I think toy should leave before things get outta hand.

Adam: Yeah, Haze, maybe you, me and Steph better get out before something strange happens.

James: Yeah, I'm gonna go.

Adam: At least you have a decent girlfriend. I'm stuck dragging this chick everywhere I go. (Points to Stephanie puking more on Bitch)

Rachel: Please, that's nothing compared to the boy I have, I hope his sexy ass makes it here.

Stephanie: (Get up) (To Rachel) What? Really girl? You got yourself some dick?

Rachel: (shoots Stephanie's legs) That isn't as bitchy as you.

Daryl: Don't wait so patiently, dear. He won't be coming for quite a while thanks to that SLUT, Dawn Fire.

Stephanie: (In pain) What the fuck!?

Rachel: That's for... pretty much everything you've caused here. (walks away)

Professor Chick: (checks her books) Is something like this possible? For a couch to levitate in the air? Not possible!

Salem: (nervous) Should we run?

Braseph: Uhh, perhaps maybe?

(Suddenly Jack comes flying through the window)

Jack: Relax guys! That was just from me Jack, and Jill.

Jill: (Floats out of the next room) I got ya bitches, suck it!

Brittany: Remember girls, we sneak in and make sure Rachel doesn't kill us, remember?

Street Gang Members: Got it.

Fofo: Hey buddy buds how is everyone doing on this cookie day?

Brittany: (blushes) Uhh, good sweetie pie.

Gang Member: Come on Brittany! We have a party to rob!

Fofo: Hey dudettes. Lets all go to the soda shop to have a soda pop

Brittany: Maybe after you help us rob a party?

Fofo: Woo a party lets go! I want to hit the pinata!

Brittany: Then let's go!

(they climb up the building. It cuts back to the party)

Rachel: Aww fuck! Where's the booze!

Lassy: Here are the beer ya wee galoots!

Rachel: (giggles) Lassy, your too kind. (smashes some bottles)

Lassy: So what brings you to the party tonight?

Rachel: Eeeh, some party for Sarah's gay ass boyfriend.

Lassy: Well if you want to get Drunk then you where to find me wee lass.

Rachel: Kay bitch! (drinks)

Jamie Bauer: (comes in up to Lassy) Hello Lassy.

Lassy: Oi Jamie! What will it be, the usual?

Jamie Bauer: You know me.

Lassy: Pina Colada, Shaken not stirred.

Jack: By the way, we saw some thugs coming here, I thought I might warn you, (Pulls out machine gun) just in case.

Jill: For sure!

Salem: Thugs?! Why would they come here?

Jill: Cause they're looking for money, to kill, why the fuck wouldn't they?

Brittany: (breaks in and pulls a machine gun out) NOBODY MOVE! This is a robbery!

Adam: Holy shit! (Grabs Stephanie and hides behind the kitchen counter)

Jack: YES! Now we can have some fun!

Jill: Not before I do! (Uses her laser eye and hits a gang member)

Brittany: Fofo! Distract them!

Fofo: Cookies for everyone! (throws a bunch of cookies at them)

Rachel: EEEUGH! Terminate the bastards!

Stephanie: Yay! Flying cookies! (Pukes next to Adam)

Adam: (holds a pistol) What does this do? (Shoots a gang member in the head) Oh shit! (Continues to hide)

(Ryanna runs by with Kimono, Leshawna, and Haze)

Kimono: What's going on here?

Jamie Bauer: What's going on here?

Sarah: (hides behind a couch with Harold) Brittany and her stupid gang are ambushing this party!

Jamie Bauer: (Sighs) I'll try to stop this. (goes to the gang) Hey can you girls stop fighting? we're trying to have a good time here.

Jack: Like that'll really help? (Snaps a gang members neck)

Jamie Bauer: Look I am off duty and the last thing I want is to let this get out of hand to force me back on duty. So how about you children play nice?

Brittany: (to Jamie Bauer) You can't do shit old bitch (tries shooting her)

Jill: What a party pooper! (Uses her telekinesis to throw the couch at the gang members and breaks through the windows)

Jamie Bauer: (presses a button on her watch to zap the bullet away) Guess we have to do this the hard way. (In less than a second Jamie disarms Brittany and breaks the gun down to pieces) Last warning.

Brittany: Never! (continues ambushing the party)

Leshawana: (sighs) Never mind. (grows out claws to kill the other gang members)

Rachel: And that's just so lame. (shoots some gang members and cuts them)

(Felisa approaches a gang member)

Gang Member: Pfft, it's just a cat! What's she gonna do? Scratch me?

(Felisa meows and the member's gun suddenly blows up in her face.)

Adam: (Faceplams) Idiot.

Jack: Okay, are we going to shoot some shit or what!?

Rachel: Mind if I join in? (shoots some Gang Members)

Jack: Nice! (Shoots some Gang Members)

Salem: (takes out his taser) I'll join in for the heck of it. (shocks a member)

Jill: Now it's a party! (Uses her telekinesis to throw some gang members around)

(Lavender and Scarlet walk in.)

Lavender: Finally! We made it to the-

(They notice the big gun fight.)

Scarlet; Uhh, maybe we should go to a bar instead?

Lavander: Yeaahh... (slowly shuts the door.)

Adam: (Nervous) Steph, what do we do?

Stephanie: I don't know. (Throws her empty beer bottle at Rachel's head)

Adam: WHY!!!

(Rachel angrily takes the bottle out of her head and stabs Stephanie's chest with it.)

Stephanie: (Angry) You stupid cunt! (Tackles Rachel)

Rachel: You just signed a death warrent!

Ryanna: Ah HELL NO! (prepares to fight)

(Jamie Throws her watch in the group of the gang)

Gang Member: Ha what is that going to do?

(The watch quickly transforms into a car and pushes the gang into a wall)

Jamie Bauer: I tried to help. (Gets her silencers and starts making one shot head shots at each Gang member)

Jill: How many fucking gang members are there?

Adam: (Sighs) I never understand women.

Bitch: I love this party. (chokes a gang member)

Gang Member: I can't believe you'd try to kill a girl!

Bitch: Whatever bitch.

Jack: (Shoots a shotgun and makes a gang member's head explode) So wait, why is this chick? (Points to Britney) here to kill us?

Adam: (To Harold and Sarah) This party is so crazy!

Sarah: Why won't it end?

Harold: Because some people are dicks.

(Ryanna kills the gang members with her own fighting style)

Brittany: Cuz I'm here to steal for our street!

Jill: Can't you stay on your own fucking street?

Brittany: No! Shut up! (tries shooting Jill)

Jill: I don't think so! (Levitates the bullets and aims them back at Britney)

Brittany: Oh shit...

(Brittany gets hit by the bullets as she and her gang members get killed)

Jack: That's my girl! (Highs fives Jill as he then shoots another gang member in the head)

Jill: And, your welcome you motherfuckers!

Brittany: This- (coughs) Won't be the last time we-

(Rachel stomps on Brittany's face)

Rachel: Brittany, get a fucking life.

Ryanna: Ha! You got owned BITCH!

Fofo: (Walks casually through the gun fire while eating a box of cookies) I didn't know it was fouth of July.

Rachel: This was the best party I ever had!

Sarah: And our moment was RUINED!

Harold: (sighs) There's always next month.

Stephanie: (Drunk) I want some cookies. (Gets up and takes some from Fofo)

Adam: I just want to go home.

Stephanie: And I just want to fuck you hard! (Drunk kisses Adam)

James: I want to go home...

Kimono: Yeah, I gotta get back to my Jimmy pie.

Jack: (Smirks) Jimmy pie?

Kimono: Yeah.

Jill: Sounds like something a mother would say. (Laughs)

Leshawna: Oh my god.

James: (feels embarrased)

Kimono: (to Jill) What's wrong with saying cute names?

Jill: Because it makes you sound like a pussy.

Rachel: YOUR a pussy. (throws Felisa into Jill's face)

(Ryanna laughs)

(Jill dodges Felisa and it hits James)

Kimono: Oh my god Jimmy pie! (runs to help him)

(James takes Felisa off him with a pissed off face)

Adam: That cat just brings bad luck everywhere.

Jill: Whoops. (Laughs nervously)

Delia: (to Jill) You should run.

Jill: Nah, I'll just fly. (Floats)

Rachel: Use this. (gives James a large rock)

James: Thanks! (throws it at Jill, who falls to the ground knocked out) OH! (punches Rachel) And that was for throwing it!

Ryanna: Oh-HO! BURN BITCH!

Jack: (To Jill) You okay?

Jill: (Wakes up in a little pain) Sure, I'm fine. (Picks up James with her telekinesis) Now I'm so much better!

Rachel: WHOOO! ANOTHER PARTY FIGHT! (randomly punches Ryanna)

Adam: (To Stephanie) We should go.

Stephanie: No way, this is getting much better!

Ryanna: Nice try bitch. (throws Rachel)

Rachel: Nah, nice try for YOU! (tackles Ryanna)

Professor Chick: This was a disturbing party. I guess next time I should stay home.

Salem: Oh my god... (face palms)

Daryl: Kids, these days. (dissapears)

Jill: So where's my new buddy Bitch at? (Whistles for him)

(cuts down to Bitch with all the party gifts)

Bitch: Some people never remember to guard gifts. (laughs)




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