The Infobox says it all, really, like I'm not lying.

This little guy popped into my head and few weeks ago, and I started to think about here we go with this!

Quick Info

Cinemat is a character in the DF series, and he is primarily known for being Earl Grey's son. The differences between his father and himself made him runaway from home, and changed a bit of how he was before, and Earl Grey (probably why his father turned evil). He is usually a background character, but a lot of times he is a main character in an episode (mostly to see what his past was.). He is a really friendly guy (you can say polar opposite of his dad :P), and can really calm the shit out people (yeah, even Red), and is usually in nice mood.


Cinemat was born May something, something (First son originally). When he was born, Earl Grey was disgusted at the color his son was, green. However, that was only temporary, and he was pretty glad he had his every own son. Since he was the only child Earl Grey had, and he was to become the heir to his wealth. Most probably thought he would be a snooty, jealous person, but in all seriousness, he wasn't one. But he was still treated a bit badly, by some of the students, but he knew that that it isn't really going to be bad. He excelled during his schooling, and so yeah, that's pretty much his childhood. Somewhere during college, he starting thinking what would he do with his life.. well unfortunately, he started to comparing himself with everything, and started thinking weirdly. His father noticed this and made him stay at home and soon, he started comparing him to his father.. so yeah disaster. He ran away from home thinking he would never be as close as Earl Grey, his father can be. After finding out about this.. pretty much even more problems struck, and soon the relationship fell apart. Earl Grey, struck out with a lot of anger and that pretty much started his criminal life. Cine, moved to many areas, and soon he moved into the usual, main DF town. There everything that went on there, made him feel as if he was home.

Current Life

Nothing much has happened to him ever since he ran away. I mean I guess what has happened to the city boundless of times can be considered an event.



Vonikk - Phoenix05:10

Vonikk - Phoenix

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