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little N.E.Z aka Z.E.N creates a club because she thinks that kids should be killing more


(N.E.Z katie and zach are making a fire in the alleyway)

N.E.Z: (sitting 5 feet away from the group) (blushes) we should go hunt things in the woods again! and i can have all the blood! (giggles)

Katie: not again N.E.Z! can't we have the couples pizza they left in the trash??

N.E.Z: That's the food for weak people you poop! lets go hunt something and take it down!

Zach: N.E.Z not everyone likes what you like

Katie: correction no one

N.E.Z: that sucks! do they know how to make a bow in the wilderness?

Katie: nope

N.E.Z: swords??

katie: nope nope!

N.E.Z: (sits up) bombs?!?!?

Katie: nopity nopity nope!

N.E.Z: thats stupid! (sits and pouts)

Katie: pizza it is! (digs in the trash)

Zach: maybe next time N.E.Z

N.E.Z: i am going hunting any way! (drags her sword which is bigger than her from under the trash can and lifts it over her head)

Katie: (mouths) (3... 2.... 1....)

N.E.Z: (the sword comes crashing down on her) gakk!

Zach: just a little longer and you can lift it and swing it!

N.E.Z: soon! it will be soon! (hops over the fence leading to the forest)

Zach: (sighs) she'll be back in 2 to 3 days...

Katie: (hands him some pizza) darn! i wanted her to sing to us tonight! (stuffs some pizza in her face)

(later with N.E.Z...)

N.E.Z: (talks to herself) lame. everyone is lame i tell you. (starts creating a spear)

Demon in her head: ("you should kill them all....")

N.E.Z: oi shut up will you?! i wasn't talking to you!

Demon in her head: ("you are a strange one in the family...")

N.E.Z: and thank goodness for that! (she finished the spear looked at it and got an idea) ill make more like me!

Demon in her head: ("when you are as disturbed as-")

N.E.Z: i swear ill kill us both if you don't shut the heck up!!


N.E.Z: thank you! (runs off to find katie and Zach)

(later after a long discusion with Zach and Katie)

Katie: you've got to be kidding me.

Zach: really?!

N.E.Z: pleasseeeee! so many kids could be as cool as me!

Katie: you are not ruining other kids!

N.E.Z: (glares at katie and tackles her in a head lock) say it! say it!!

Katie: (cholking) gaak!! o-ok! y-your the leader!!! gaak!! GET OFF ME!!

N.E.Z: (releases katie) ok lets get it set up! (pulls out a bucket of blood from underneath the trash can)

Katie: you have a blood stash N.E.Z? really?

N.E.Z: (blushes) hehe! (pulls out a bedsheet with a orange juice stain on it and with the blood writes 'Killing sprees' on it)

Zach: its a little....

N.E.Z: ya its a boring name i tried explosion of entrails but it was to long

(Katie and Zach look at her weird)

(coming soon...) 

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