Coming up

Dark Night of Day, Lets us Smile, Lets make Cupcakes, In BLOOD, We will kill more, The NIGHTMARE take our body, we can't take this, We need people flesh, no animal as we need.

The Movie

Smile and Cupcakes do have a meaning... of death of course. You may see children smiling and children eating cupcake with the happiness on their face. As someone have lay in the corner of an dead house while the sky in bloody red and dark black, laughing while its holding a cupcake that was full with blood and gore. Ha, ha, ha. The children laugh in the corner.

As for the character, who will be in this movie, they have to escape of this big mansion before someone gets hurt and stay in the house, but the house CAN NOT BE DESTROYED by a bomb or any at all.


  • Wolf
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Lord Tourette
  • Broseph
  • The Raccoon
  • Little Blue
  • Rocky
  • Ron
  • Simon
  • Alice
  • Emma
  • Heather
  • Tucker
  • Danger
  • Dot
  • Maple
  • Fighter
  • Blossom

If you want your character to be in this movie, tell me in the comments below. I will also ask people by the way.

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