Crappy Camp
Crappy Camp
Red telling his story
Air date 26/4/2013
Written by YoshiRocker13
Location Camp
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Island Fever

 Red & Blue take Rapper camping in the forest but what awaits them?



(shows Red & Blue driving to a camp site)

Red: Ugh! Camping is so boring!

Blue: Come on Red! Getting out of the apartment for a while is worth it!

Red: How!?


(Red is lying on the couch)

Red: Gaah! Why does my head hurt so much!?

Blue: (calling from another room) You've got a headache idiot!

Red: Well why do I still have it!?

Blue: Maybe one day you should just get out of the apartment for once!

Flashback End

Red: Oh yeah.

(shows Rapper in the back seat)

Rapper: This camping trip better be awesome!

Blue: It will! (nervous) I hope.

(time lapse, Red, Blue & Rapper are now setting up camp)

Blue: Uh Red where's the tent?

Red: (nervous) Well Let's say it's at a safe place right now.

Blue: (angry) Is it at home?

Red: (Troll Face) Maybehh.

Blue: RED!!!

Rapper: Hey don't fight! I brought mine!

(Rapper reveals his tent which is actually the same size as his house)

Red: Oh sick! There's a portable TV in here!

Blue: You call this camping!?

Rapper: Fuck off.

(time lapse, It's now night time and Red, Blue and Rapper were sitting around a fire, Red was telling a scary story)

Red: And then she went into the closet and found blood all over her clothes. Then in a split second.....

(Blue & Rapper are getting scared)

Red: (jumps) THE PHSYCO GETS HER!!!!

(Blue & Rapper scream and hold each other)

Red: Bromance! (starts laughing)

(suddenly a mysterious figure comes out of the bushes and screams with a knife, scaring everyone. The figure is revealed to be Raccoon)

Raccoon: (laughs) Oh ho ho ho ho! I got you good!

Everyone except Red & Raccoon: Raccoon!!!

Raccoon: We had the pran worked out good huh Red?

Red: That's right Pikachu! (He and Raccoon high-five)

Blue: Wanna go to bed?

Rapper: Yeah.

(The next morning, Red, Blue & Rapper are driving home)

Red: Well wasn't that fun?

Blue: I am never going camping again.

-Episode Ends-


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