This is a story about figures, that have been kill by. It have been creepy since it have come. I don't know what to do now...this world is gone. Everything that's not real became real. I guess this will be it and it will have to stay.

The Creepy Story

Hello there...friends. This is a creepypasta story where your scary dream came true...and bloody. We look for blood, Gore, rip, and...cupcakes, then the...Figures factory. So, you see Heather is always happy about stuff, cheer people up, right? Well, it got bad and worse. When it came for Heather, Heather ran up to her bathroom and try to take them pill, then she stop and throw up in the toilet. Later on, she was on a sexy mode which Heather never felt before. But also, she have work for The figures factory. Heather also made a lot of cupcakes with blood and Gore. She just leave them in place and put them down and walk away from it. SO, Heather is now called Dark Heather in a creepypasta. Mari, of course she is a demon, but she's worse then before. She is no more Mari, Bloody Mari have came and stay. She have never talk to anyone, not because she doesn't have a mouth. She want to steal what is let inside of you. She also have been hanging people with a string, on a tree. Bloody Mari also have been killing over 1,000,000,000,000,000 now since it have also came to Mari, like Heather. But have you seen Tucker lately? Tucker have changed, too. Tucker have been chasing people down know...he have been lade...always. Fine, he have been rapeing people (Women) just for nothing, cause he's bored. Blue, he have nothing but still protesting his family. He been eating flush since it came to him. Red, it was bad enough. He have been ushering big bloody gun, killing a lot. Pink, she is not what you think. She have fangs now and climb over object just with her feet.

That is all for now, Ep. 2 will come and talk about more character. I can talk about the people if you type in the comment box. More creepypasta story will come.

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