Creepypasta Figures are continuing to scare and creepy people out. I don't know what to do, why should I do?


Broseph is a bro, he's cool. Oh wait, something happen. Broseph teleportation in people room, looking at you and grin while you are asleep. When you awake and he is still here...he will kill you while he act sexy. Lord Tourette, of course he have Tourette syndrome, but he say these word mostly. If you go in his wood, he will rape you or kill you. Lord Tourette is now looking for you and want to eat your flesh. The fat ugly girl, oh she dead cause Jack have no control. Mike, he is still smart, but wouldn't say a thing. Mike keep looking for cupcakes that Heather made. Jack is fire up and keep burn people who are not creepy. Jack don't talk much, too. Wolf Bule, we know he's not in story, yet. But will be. Wolf Blue have been tearing person stomach cause he been staving in death. Sam is so cute, why is she is going to be a creepypasta, it the story. Sam have been holding a demon doll for a lot time now. Street artist just bang their head on the wall and seen to be not dead. GLD attack and killing people cause they need flesh. But sometimes they will look for cupcakes.

If you want your character to be in a creepypasta, put the name in the comment box and you can tell me what should they be. If not, then I will choose their creepypasta job or I will ask. Creepy you.

Note: Not all creepypasta story are going to be long as you wish.

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