...3 day, more comes. Everybody leave, do they...hate me?'s not have to be them. How did...they become so...creepy?


I have never seen it before. It's going around. Earl Grey is wreak up, he didn't drink tea, it's blood to tell the truth since he is a creepypasta in the story. Earl Grey is a ghost...he's...he's...Oh my...It's bad. I was walking on the street, alone with no one. Then, I saw him and he saw me, too. I saw the tea cup he was hold that it was full in blood. I also saw a plate that have other people gore which means he was eat one of the other one's. He disappeared with the thing he was holding. I continue to walk and not to run cause I thought if I did, he would kill me. Baylee, she is always around without no one noticing. Baylee go behind of people and kill them with a quiet sound. There isn't much about her, but that was all. Brittany, she is still a great singer, but her eyes are narrow and don't force fine. Brittany is every where that she always look at people that people don't like to be look at by. Brittany doesn't use her ability or power, but use it just in case. The butler, they are still working for Earl, for look for something gold and others. They don't talk anymore, not much.

If you want more, ask more. Put your character in the comment box and I will do the best I can.

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