Cyber Power Swords
Cyber Power Swords


Power Charge and DNA Scan


Cyber Tech


Barrier Slice and Smashing

Cyber Power Sword can cut through any metal and is able to cross through any forcefield like a ghost, but still damage whatever is behind the forcefield. It can power up to also work like a devestating hammer. The blade will cause itself not to slice at all but send out a massive vibration to shatter whatever it strikes.the spinning generator is the powering devise and the higher the sound it makes as it charges the higher the damage will be either when it cuts or smashes. The sword only reads it's owner's DNA and brain waves to become active in his hands, But will shut off and fall to pieces in anyone else's possession.

These Cyber swords can only be handled by Cyborgs and becomes property to the one who claims them first. They are white colored when they are unowned, but they change to match the color of what ever cyborg claims them first.

These swords are not rare and are able to be obtained in high tech labs.

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