Damon is a fictional character from the series "Dick Figures" he is a demonic spirit but unlike Saigron he is not evil. he is an embodiment of satan and can control black magic. unlike Fifi he is silent, stable, and calm.

Early Life

Damon was a stillborn before he got born from his mother's womb. After he died he was sent to Hell and Satan told him that Saigron will be overthrowing him. After that Satan gave him Immortality and the powers of hell and death, resurrected him. After resurrection he studied the art of black magic and has a hidden library of every single spellbook.

After Wolf summoned him and is about to kill him Wolf told him he been through a lot of demons and lets him experience Earth. After a long day Damon decides to stay on Earth and moves at an apartment. (in an RP)


  • Mind Reading.
  • Telepathy.
  • Rapid Fire.
  • Void.
  • Auto Fire.
  • Gun Channeling.
  • Second most skilled at Gun Kata.
Killer Bean Forever - Entire First Scene (HD)06:08

Killer Bean Forever - Entire First Scene (HD)


Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Dante vs00:44

Marvel vs. Capcom 3 - Dante vs. Deadpool


Sample of how Damon fights and uses guns


  • Hellfire.
  • Levitation.
  • Deadly Fog.
  • Telekinesis.
  • Resurrection.
  • Demon Summoning.
  • Teleportation.
  • Immortality.
  • Cyclone Spinning.
  • Duplication.
  • Umbrakinesis.
  • Mind Possesion.
  • 666.
  • Inner Demon.
  • Berserker Rage.
Super Mario Bros07:05

Super Mario Bros. Z Episode 8 Part 3

Sample of Damon in Inner Demon Mode

Asura's Wrath - The Berserker Transformation12:45

Asura's Wrath - The Berserker Transformation

Sample of Damon in Berserker Rage


Grim Reaper

After obtaining a scythe Damon found a new hobby, reaping souls. every time a person dies Damon uses his scythe to send the person to purgatory. His death note also makes him getting victims easier.


Dick Figures Christmas (2013)

Very Angry Day

New Years Blast

Fear Has Come Pt 1

Fear Has Come Pt 2

Fear Has Come Pt 3

Mecha Assault


  • Silent.
  • Demonic.
  • Became a Grim Reaper.
  • Knows everyone canon and fanon.
  • Was a Stillborn.
  • Immortal.
  • Can make people immortal, mortal.
  • Has a death note.
  • Invulnerable to the death note.
  • His power up is "666".
  • Doesn't talk much.
  • Resurrect other people.
  • Shows no emotion but only anger.
  • Anti-Heroic.
  • Can make people mortal, immortal.
  • Almost never smiles.
  • Original creator of the amulet.
  • Had been resurrected.
  • Can summon demon's like Saigron.
  • People calls him emo because of his haircut.
  • Listens to Heavy, Black and Death Metal.
  • Expert at bass.
  • His ultamite power is "Inner Demon".
  • Hates the songs "Livin in the Sunlight, Lovin in the Moonlight" by Tiny Tim and "Lollipop" by MIKA.
  • Not like Saigron.
  • Can use his scythe in battle.
  • His unstable is "Berserker Rage".
  • Will get to "Berserker Rage Mode" If anyone harms Let.
  • Energy charges rapidly in "Berserker Rage".
  • He will be a main character in Dick Figures: Fanons Unite.
  • "Berserker Rage Mode" will turn Damon into a beast that's unstoppable.
  • Gives him limitless energy in "Berserker Rage Mode".
  • Will get out of "Berserker Rage Mode" if he hears Let's voice.
  • Damon has no family left.
  • Didn't know that he misses his family.
  • Will remain on Berserker Rage Mode if Let dies.
  • Little faith in God and Jesus.


Best of Tien - TFS DBZ Abridged10:22

Best of Tien - TFS DBZ Abridged

Voice of Zero from Megaman X7

Damon's Demonic Roar

Best Anime Roar!!!!00:21

Best Anime Roar!!!!

Theme Music

Damon's Theme

Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away (instrumental)03:14

Linkin Park - Pushing Me Away (instrumental)


Battle Theme

Thrash Death Metal Instrumental - Scar the Cathartic04:33

Thrash Death Metal Instrumental - Scar the Cathartic

666 Mode Theme

World's Greatest Battle OSTs Ever Pacific Attack02:20

World's Greatest Battle OSTs Ever Pacific Attack

Inner Demon Mode Theme

Linkin Park - Points Of Authority (instrumental)03:24

Linkin Park - Points Of Authority (instrumental)

Berserker Rage Mode Theme

Brand X Music - Decimate (Volume 16, 2012)02:17

Brand X Music - Decimate (Volume 16, 2012)


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