Dark Doom
Meet my Doom
Vital statistics
Title Evil
Gender Male
Status Alive
Friends No one
Enemies Everyone, Saigron
Known for Being Evil
Date of birth Unknown
Weapon of choice Powers
Color Yellow with Orange head
Girlfriend(s) No One
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Voice Actor David Lodge
Times dead None
Dark Doom is one of the masters of evil. Unlike Earl Grey, Jackal and Saigron, Dark Doom will do anything he can to take the earth for himself and kill anyone who gets in his way. Dark Doom lives on another planet but can travel to other planets to take them for himself.


One of Dark Doom's abilities is his fire power. He can create huge fire storms and blast them at enemies. Dark Doom can also use fire to create lava, heat and most dangerous his fire storm. Dark Doom has a purple arm which is actually his dark arm which is used for dark powers. When using this power he can instantly poison whoever he touches with his arm.

He also has an upgrade called Shadow mode. To tell when this is happening, Dark Doom's eyes turn purple and his pupils turn red. He will unleash power and could kill a person in a single blow. And as shown in Arrival of Doom, using dark energy, he can control anyone he uses it on. But they revert back to normal when Dark Doom is defeated or disapears.

Voice Actor

Dragon's Dogma - 'Solitude' Ending (Ending 1) Total 1 805:30

Dragon's Dogma - 'Solitude' Ending (Ending 1) Total 1 8

Voice of the Red Dragon

Voice of Red Dragon from Dragon's Dogma

The Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon playthrough (Part 30) Malefor's Lair-009:21

The Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon playthrough (Part 30) Malefor's Lair-0

Shadow Of Evil - Epic Cinematic Orchestral Trailer Music01:51

Shadow Of Evil - Epic Cinematic Orchestral Trailer Music

When Fighting Dark Doom

Dark Doom's voice when he is in 'Shadow Mode'

Music when fighting Dark Doom

Dark Doom facts

  • Uses right arm for dark power
  • Can create fire in many ways
  • Evil
  • Un-Friendly
  • Will kill anyone he sees
  • 2nd most powerful villain under Saigron
  • Will be the secondary antagonist in Dick Figures: Fanons Unite


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